W H A T  I S  H A P P E N I N G ?

I’ve just asked myself, while contemplating the best picture ever taken of me on top of a mountain in Norway, when I realized that it was Jupiter himself saying to me, ‘HELL YES’.

camelia elias, jupiter rite


The night before, on Jove’s day and hour, I did a grand rite for him, the master of fortunes, scribbling also his seal on a stolen book, my specialty. Obviously he liked that.

camelia elias, jupiter rite

S T E L L A R  M A G I C

In addition to reading cards for all intents and purposes, one of my most popular offerings is the cards of enchantment that I create for magical people, the premise for which I describe more fully on Taroflexions. It’s all about THE ART OF HAVING.

But what I absolutely like to do even more is challenge myself with a bit of stellar and planetary magic.

I erect an electional horoscope, which is to say that I observe when there are good planetary and fixed star alignments – in accordance also with natal, transiting planets, and specific concern considerations – and then create a special rite that involves the scribbling of the sigil of the invoked planet or star on a piece of paper that comes from a book I steal.

Camelia Elias, Jupiter rite

S T E A L  T H A T  B O O K

Many magical traditions have it that, in order for the magic to work, the material for your talisman must come from a stolen object, or if it is a brew that one makes, then the concoction must be cooked in a stolen pot.

Obliging with such injunctions can make your magic powerfully blasting, and I like that. When I wish upon a star, I don’t do half the job.

The idea of creating the sigil on paper from a stolen book comes from an interview I once gave to the fine literary magazine Biblioklept that ended with the editor asking me whether I have ever stolen a book. You can guess my answer.

camelia elias biblioklept

I like the idea of connecting old sayings about what makes our magic powerful with new initiatives. And because I like reading, I find it appropriate to link magic with the randomness of words that come to me through an act of stealing.

So far so good. The planets and the stars speak, and that’s all I need to know.

Rite of Jupiter, Camelia Elias, 2015

Rite of Jupiter, Camelia Elias, 2015

The rites that I create in this connection can be a time consuming affair, and I usually throw into it a reading of the cards pulled at random for the purpose, as an extension to the stolen message, but the magic that comes out of it is unmatched.

If you’d like a magical papyrus that’s filled with stolen power from the stars, cross my palm with silver, and I’ll have you blasted over. In addition to the sigil art work, I will also send you the electional chart.

S T A R  M A G I C


For a talisman that uses precious stones, contact me.