Y O U  A S K

‘How do I know that what you have to offer will make me as smart as hell in no time?’

Think about it

If you know what the question is, but you don’t know why it should be so interesting, you can pass it through the refiner’s fire.

In addition

To my Godgiven common sense, I use the cards as a medium towards refined knowledge.


You say. ‘Really? Reading cards with cartoon images on them is a refiner of knowledge?’

‘You bet’

E n t i c i n g

  • I entice you to see what you get out of derailing your sense of ‘reality’, of derailing your sense of what makes sense, and of derailing your sense of your image. Is your soul beginning to feel a stirring already? You bet. Even as you read this, your ego is beginning to feel that it has no choice other than to roll over and watch you bask in your uncensored desires. Such delicious freedom!

K n o w l e d g e

  • Knowledge is knowledge, and we can take both consecrated and unconsecrated ways to acquire it. But what I’m interested in is how we get from A to B while keeping a sharp eye on what the real question is, whether small or big.

E x a m p l e s

  • Here below a short list of some of my writings that will give you a sense of how I will use the cards for you, and what kind of answers we can get from them.

A r t  o f  R e a d i n g

  • From simple three-card readings to my legendary readings of the grand tableau – about the ‘legendary’ thing, ask the community, read people’s comments, or ask me for private testimonials – I can get as simple or sophisticated as you like. Or rather, the cards allow me to embody my ambition: To master the art of reading.

G e t  k n o w l  e d ge a b l e

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