W H A T  I S  T H E  Q U E S T I O N ?

I live of formulating questions. The bigger and more serious the question the better. I teach students to ask questions. I make no difference between my literature students at the university and my students in my Cards and Magic course. I myself try to get better at formulating questions. I even PROMPT people to ask the right questions.

  • What is really interesting?
  • Does it have a soul?
  • Is it really useful?

T R E N D  O R  T R UT H ?

Does your question reflect what you really want to know, or is it the manifestation of what you think you should ask? Politely and safely and without risk?

My job is about getting you to realize that you can ask the real, dream questions. The questions that move mountains. The ones that disturb. The ones that send you to hell to find the holy grail.

If you know how to ask the real question, chances are that you’re one your way to busting your comfort zone. You will make the right decisions, even if at first sight it may seem threatening.

Just think: If you’re not ambivalent about your love, your job, your studies, your health, or your place and purpose on this planet, you can accomplish things that don’t waste your time.

I like to think about my time. The only reason why I want to pose real questions is because I really don’t want to waste my time speculating. I’m more interested in doing things, living a magical life, and sharing what I know with others.

Living the magical life is not just a conceptual thing. It’s a way of practicing awareness of what is worth asking, and then acting accordingly.

B L I N D  S P O T S,  A N Y O N E ?

On my blog, Taroflexions, I write about the type of questions people ask, the simple, essential, and hence real questions.

The whole premise for my work here is to have these real questions answered. Most of these questions deal with anchoring the feeling of vagueness about a course of life into something concrete and tangible.

Indeed, if your blind spot is gone, you may just find out that you know exactly what to say to your boss for his unfair treatment of you, or to your lover for lying to you, or to yourself for letting your desire go unacknowledged.

In my work with questions I give concrete manifestations to these concerns:

  • You have a blind spot? I help you fix it.
  • You have no purpose? I help you find it.
  • You want magic? I help you get it.

Add a touch of magic to your life. You’ll be surprised.

Tell me what you dream of. I’ll consult the cards for you, nice big and bad Devil style, and we’ll take it from there.



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