E A R T H  D A Y

First you assume a posture by your favorite pine tree. You anchor. You find your point of gravitation by letting your hands touch the ground. You must remember your hands at all times. You can’t heal anything if you can’t touch anything.

Then you remember where your mouth is. You remember to shut up and relax your lips.

Your eyes follow this movement.

Breathe. Let your breath do the talking of your mind: ‘Hello body, are you sitting comfortably here?’ ‘Hmm. It smells so good,’ it says.

Then you notice what you hear. What you hear are the wonders of your flight. Birds scan your presence and engage with your peace.

You are the ceremonial greeting master.

‘Birds of direction, what say you?’

‘We craft a map for you, so you know where you are. We show you places you don’t go to, you don’t’ fly to. We take you down the hidden path. We bring you information from the secret palace. We are the swallows playing stone and paper.’

‘Birds of life and death, what say you?’

‘We are the cranes drawing a circle in your flight. We are your dakini power. We are the pregnant vultures. The wind, our lover. We teach you about yourself. Reveal your nature beyond your words, and speak your silence.’

‘Birds of wisdom, what say you?’

‘We are the women with a shield, one-eyed men, and blind hermaphrodites. Our tribe is named after Ishtar, Odin, Athena, and Tiresias. We are the blue garuda, the heralds of the blue sunshine. The owls at your command.’

‘Birds of psychopomp, what say you?’

‘We are the ravens in the field. The eagle’s eye. We are your transmutation and threshold. We’re your crossing incarnation and incantation of the dark.’

‘Birds of death, what say you?’

‘We’re your nocturnal songs and cries. A cock crowing at midnight. The albino robin, and all the waxwings, your strege-vogel.’

‘Birds of spring and light, what say you?’

‘Cuckoo-koo. Come love, come blue.’

All rise, all fly, all celebrate the earth in its goodbye. Your soul makes a sacrifice of blood, and then a conscious moving wonder flaps its wings, so full of life.

© Camelia Elias


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