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On the road to the Norwegian mountains and thinking of last night’s dream:

Tilopa the sage comes to me, and I hurry to ask him:

‘Master, how come everything you say makes perfect sense?’

Tilopa says: ‘Think, if you imagine, then you imagine that you imagine that you imagine ad infinitum. Every time you imagine, and that includes your thoughts, you imagine, not live. You live in fantasy not power’.

Then I say: ‘Master, that makes perfect sense. Human imagination, and that includes reflection and control, is overrated’.

‘You bet’, Tilopa says, and then fills my body with an enormous feeling of washing through, something overwhelmingly like a wave going through my body. I both participate in this, and not.

Tilopa’s 5 of 6 words of advice to his disciple, Naropa — now there’s a pair of rogues like no other — are all started by negation: Don’t recall. Don’t imagine. Don’t think. Don’t examine. Don’t control. Rest.

I think of the immensity of this negation that has no polarity, and let the wave carry me to a place of wonder — well, the mountains, as it happens, which is all good.

I’ll make an offering of nettles to this master as soon as I hit the place. I love my dreams and the masters that populate them.


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