F I V E  L A M A S  A S K   F O R  A D V I C E

It befits me to wake up in the Norwegian Avalon. Here is my last night’s dream.

Five high Tibetan Lamas visit me on a mountain plateau – as it happens I am on one right now.

They are all specialists in the rainbow body. As an aid to their practice they want me to teach them the art of dissolution.

After some philosophy talk on the power of language, I start demonstrating how you can achieve dissolution through words.

Every word I utter turns into sand and dust that slips through my fingers.

I use for this magic a sigillized hand mudra. The Lamas are impressed.

Then I dissolve myself under their eyes. The Lamas are now stunned: ‘Where did she go?’ They ask in wonder.

I enter their heads and tell them this: ‘Unless you get that there is no death, you cannot perform the art of dissolution. If you cling to the demons declaring death, you’re dead yourself. That’s not magic.’

The Lamas say: ‘This is good teaching.’

I then teach them a secret ritual of reflection, which is my other specialty after the art of dissolution.

The Lamas are now even more amazed.

They thank me for my high magic teachings, and leave.

I wake up thinking: ‘These practitioners came to the right place.’

Hell yes.

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