‘How do you know?’

‘I see it in the cards.’

‘You mean, the future?’

‘No, your consciousness. Especially the part of your consciousness that you are not conscious about.’

‘So, then, you know what I’m going to do?’



‘By seeing how you articulate your fears against your desires. By seeing how you are not present at all. When you’re not present at all, you make decisions that are aligned with your past that’s gone or your future that’s not here yet. The cards put the finger on your present, and you can’t hide.’

‘What is my choice?’

‘To say it: ‘I’m here now, suspended beyond time, non-conflicting, non-ambivalent, non-impressed, non-depressed, non-lacking, non-craving, non-clinging, non-resentful, non-addicted, non-demonized, non-arbitrary, non-demanding, non-entitled.’

‘What is this suspension?’

‘You are here now, are you not?’


‘This suspension is your ‘yes’. Your spell on your shield. Your radical acceptance of what is.’

camelia elias, cards and magic

© Camelia Elias


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