Mahasiddhas on the Lake


Frigg understands that resistance is futile. She stops fussing and makes herself comfortable on the grass. She’s ready to watch and listen. This is her life of imposed ‘meddytation’.

Her attention goes up when the 84 Mahasiddhas appear on the other side of the lake.

They form a circle and then take a dive while casting an elongated green gaze upon us.

‘Where did they all go?’ she asks.

‘They went to visit the underwater castle to swim with the mermaids,’ I tell her.

‘Can we also go?’

‘Sure’, I say.

I grab her by her ears, and we go all in.

The Mahhasiddhas are waiting:

‘We knew you’d come. Now show us your nakedness.’

I’m happy to oblige.

Frigg is still counting her hairs.