Two cats, a white horse, a Buddhist and a Christian


I have the strangest dreams. Two nights ago I dreamt that I adopted two cats, one black and the other a tortoiseshell.

The people who gave me that cats had a lot of pain in their voice, when they also said that they had horses too. ‘There’s one in particular you will like,’ they said. They brought a most beautiful, pure white horse to me, one that was, however, feeble. They looked at me with a lot of hope in their eyes. I said I’d take it.

Next, I was preoccupied with how to fit the horse in the same box where the cats had already installed themselves. I declared myself defeated.

I called my partner and asked him to fetch the car as I needed the trunk. He asked: ‘How big is the horse?’ I said: ‘As big as a cow.’ He said: ‘It won’t go. How do you imagine we can fit 2 cats and a horse in the trunk?’ I said: ‘It will have to do’. It did. There was a lot of resoluteness in my resolve that made the fitting happen.


Tonight I dreamt that I walked around in a Japanese-like castle, while carrying a black urn with me. I’ve no idea whose ashes I was minding. An Indian lady was accompanying me.

On the corridors, we passed a man going in the opposite direction. He stopped us to greet us. He said, hesitatingly: ‘I don’t know what you are, but I’m going to say it anyway: Happy Easter.’

To save him from his embarrassment I said. ‘I’m a Buddhist.’ He bowed, Japanese style, expressing a great sense of relief. The Indian lady said: ‘I’m a Christian, so that’s all right with me’.

I felt a twinge, as I didn’t think that there was anything wrong with the greeting as such as far as I was concerned. A greeting is a greeting, no matter what religious color it has.

I wanted to say something, and mention that my own remark about being a Buddhist was not because I pay allegiance to any religion whatsoever, but because in that very moment it was appropriate to give a clear answer, not make philosophy out of it.

Now I think about how unambiguously resolute I can be in my dreams compared to my conscious life. While my style is to serve whatever I serve in a direct way, it’s not sure that my resoluteness is there one hundred percent. I’m well aware of the price I pay for my boldness, which means that sometimes I elect to shut up and not lead from the heart.

It’s good we have dreams that make us reflect on what the hell we’re saying, how we say it, and why.