I am extremely pleased to present The Arcades Tarot deck and its companion hardcover book of Tarot Haiku poems (78 pp.)

The Arcades Tarot is an extremely limited edition release of only 22 decks in the de luxe run and an additional 12 prototype decks at a reduced price. Each of these 34 sets comes with a signed Tarot Haiku book, featuring illustrations of all the cards in 6-card pyramid spreads on verso pages and a haiku on the recto page (29 poems, all told). I also have a few copies of this book for sale, signed – but without the deck.

The Arcades Tarot deck is an entirely handmade, Majors only deck, showcasing the images of the unique Carolus Zoya Marseille Tarot from c. 1780 (the only known copy of which is in our possession), photographed by me in a mirrored arcade setting, with talismanic objects surrounding the Zoya originals.

The effect is haunting and deconstructive – providing a brand new look at the standard Marseille imagery. Of course, what I do here is also play with the traditional idea in fortune-telling of ‘what comes through’ in terms of magic conjurations. For each arcade I used magical objects in the mirror alongside with the Carolus Zoya deck.

When that is said, this is your first and only opportunity to purchase a ‘copy’ of the Carolus Zoya deck, but it is also so much more – a special deck in its own right, created as a talisman par excellence. This means that the idea of ‘what comes through’ is not only played with, but acted upon. For instance, when the deck was finished, it was consecrated on top of a mountain in Norway under conjuration of Bishamonten, Babalon, and a dead samurai, who insisted on poking me while gilding the deck.

Each deck was printed with archival inkjet printer technology, on matte double-sided photo paper (210 gsm). The sheets were then individually toned in tea, drip dried and ironed, after which the cards were cut, given sanded edges and gilded in hand.

The deck comes in a custom made tuck box (two colors available). There is a title card pasted onto the box front, and inside there is a signed and numbered extra Justice card. There are of course 22 cards in each box, comprising all the Majors.

Please note again that this is an Art Tarot item and a talismanic deck that performs magically, for the magically inclined.

We cannot guarantee that the decks will withstand repeated shuffling and handling in divination settings. The paper is uncoated – not plastified in any way. Every item was, however, meticulously checked by myself and The Janitor, and only the unavoidable minor variations mandated by the hand-crafting process occur.

These decks will only be offered for sale this one time, and when the run is sold out there will not be any new printings. Single surplus cards will be offered for sigils at a later date.

You now have three options for buying:

  • Deluxe, limited edition deck, signed & numbered 1 through 22, with hardcover ‘LWB’ of Haikus – $150
  • Prototype deck, un-sanded edges, signed but not numbered, with hardcover Haiku book – $100
  • Haiku book, signed – $25
All offers include packaging & postage, world-wide.

Please limit purchases to one copy pr. person to allow the maximum number of my students access to the deck.

Please note that when the number of decks and books is sold out, you will not be able to check out.
Lastly, thank you to all who have enticed me to create this deck and book.
As the book can be enjoyed on its own, it will be available from EyeCorner Press in all online stores.
Enjoy it!