• Features individual recorded lectures followed by live Q&A sessions (also recorded in case you miss the live call)

Beyond Cards and Magic

  • Is about reading quirky, complex, tried and tested texts and grimoires, and whole cartomantic systems through the lens of the Tarot cards.

Beyond Cards and Magic

  • Opens a gate to the possibility to read with the cards against the grain, bust a few towers, and laugh.



  • The Greek Magical Papyri
  • The Sermon on the Mount
  • Romanian Witchcraft
  • Marseille Tarot reads the Raider Waite-Smith Tarot

In these lectures

  • I present you with an idea to think about.
  • I offer a reading with the cards pertaining to the idea.
  • I invent an original method of reading old wisdom texts through cards.

The Craziness of the Heart Sutra and Tarot

It’s not difficult to learn that what we do when we think of the past or the present is project. That’s all, project. The purpose of projection has zero value for the present.

But what if someone told you that there was no present either?

Is your hair rising yet? If it is, you’re ready for this teaching that comes with a reading of the Tarot cards like you’ve never experienced it before.

The Power of the Trumps: A Subtle Burst

Perhaps you’ve learnt about the trumps in the Tarot pack from books that insist on symbolic associations. Nothing wrong with that. Just limiting.

Perhaps you’ve also learnt that function over symbols is more dynamic and interesting – if you’ve read my books or took my classes, then you know what I’m talking about.

But what if there’s more? Something that’s so obvious that escapes noticing because it’s so obvious. That’s what I call the subtle part.

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