My specialty

My ethics of counselling with cards is very simple. You ask a question, and I look at the cards. What I look for is anything that busts our habitual thinking. Most who come to me, come to me to learn about how they can see what they can’t see, or won’t.

I have a samurai sword – literally – that I swing over heads like you won’t believe it.

You come to me to hear more about how you can define your situation, reflect on what’s at stake, evaluate the strong and the weak, and act in accordance.

Being clear on how you define, reflect, judge, and act is not always a given, as ambivalence often sets the agenda.

I fix ambivalence. How? I look at cards. I look at cards as a way of bypassing mainstream culture. I look at cards and say, ‘heh, that’s surprising. I never thought of that.’

The contemplative art is not a science, it’s an interpretative art.

Put cards and Zen together and you get dynamite.

I read the cards in the present moment and look at what presents itself as a potential for the future. But this potential is also tied with how we act.

The cards give us pointers, open a window towards alternatives not considered, and make clear what we don’t want to confront:

Our fears and desires; our ‘what if’ and its discontents, our path not taken and the ensuing regret; our lost loves; our nothingness.

The cards help our unconscious find a channel of expression, and hence they help us articulate a conscious and coherent course of action.

As the cards speak on behalf of our creative genius, they are therefore most magical.

You are open, curious, non-judgemental, and ready to try this visual and magical world of what makes us all smarter.

My Offering

How do I read your cards? By killing it. That’s the reputation I have in the world.

Whatever you ask, I give you a sharp answer that addresses concretely and precisely what you ask. Sometimes too concretely. I take no prisoners. I make you think and I make you realize what’s what. What you do thereafter is up to you.

The most popular are 3 types of readings suitable for both personal and public concerns, the health of your persona and the health of your business.

  • Few cards on the table at $50$75 | $100 (via email; pdf and image of cards)
  • Lots of cards on the table at $200 (also via email; pdf and image of cards)
  • Live encounters at the flat rate of $150 (via Skype or in person; recording available)

The questions that you can ask range in scope, from mundane situations related to work, relationships, and health, and finances to metaphysical concerns, such as pain in the soul, existential crisis, depression.

FOR BUSINESS both methods  work successfully:

  • Few cards are suitable for quick questions about investment and brokerage: Ex. ‘This portfolio, or the other one?’
  • Lots of cards are employed to profile a business and devise a tailored strategy for defining partners, activities, values, customer relationships, customer segments, resources, channels, cost structure and revenue streams.

Formulate a clear question and choose an option below. For profiling and investing questions, learn more here.

What you pay for is this: my time, my expertise, which is to say, my competence in reading visual text, and my compassionate counselling.

Given my Zen inclination, what you also pay for is clear sight and detached perspective.

I see things as they are, and that’s what you get: The completely naked, disturbing, illuminating, painful, and glorious truth.


In my readings and psycho-magical consultancy I go for delivering a clear-headed vision.

In my nonreadings, I go for boldness. I go for the spirit of the gentle warrior. I go for the heart that you have no idea you have.

Think of this offering as a meditation with me on what it means to be real.






camelia elias lenormand grand tableau


camelia elias, marseille tarot


camelia elias, marseille tarot


Photo: Camelia Elias


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Your tarot readings? You will become an establishment.

Patrick Rowan Blackburn, Professor of Formal Philosophy, Roskilde University

Tarot is great! Camelia made me discover it and I use it like a kind of psychoanalytic session. It’s incredible what it does to people, using the cards and old symbols to make unconscious things conscious.

Solange Leibovici, Professor Emerita, University of Amsterdam

You are a great teacher. When you read, it makes sooo much sense to me. It’s so clear and obvious. I JUST LOVE the way you snap it together. You bring it down to its base message.

Mary Martha Collins, Visual Artist, USA

You are a BAD WITCH, and a great teacher.

Jason Miller, Sorcerer at Inominandum