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Principles of magic with cards


Camelia Elias & Bent Sørensen

Read like the Devil 

Cards and Magic Special Edition

In this 5-week topical course in basic principles of magic with cards you will learn about:

  • what magic is and how connections and systems of correspondences constitute magic.

  • how cards can inspire you to create original spell-crafting based on ancient magical traditions (from Mesopotamia to Egypt and China).

  • how to use such methods as the stacking of narratives, establishing mirroring, and creating parallel planes of enlarged fields of vision.

We plunge into it with a reference to a pile of bones and a ritual of initiation into both the reading like the Devil and the healing hands, both necessary when you perform magic with the cards.

Why Cards and Magic Special Edition? Because we’re going to do three things:

  1. Re-cycle last year’s material in the form of freshly recorded videos and written material, featuring new insights as usual.

  2. Have a live session pertaining to each of the 5 sessions in total, sessions that function both as Q&A, and as short introductions to new material around the topic of fear (1 hour per live session). Indeed, if anything, the magicians of old sought to be fearless, so we go with that in the context of magic. In the context of cartomancy, we want to learn how to divine best when confronted with questions of fear. There’s plenty of those around right now.

  3. We knock the price off by 50%, so instead of the standard $199 for the recorded/live pack, you now pay $99. We hope that those who have less money these days, but enough to invest in solid learning, will be able to do so without much pain.

I’ll don the ‘Transylvanian Witch’ hat for this one, and Bent, Aradia Academy’s janitor, will perform his usual cleaning tasks, including Freudian seductions of you in his famous Janitor’s Corner. He does have a beard to die for, and like a true Viking, he offers Norse magic.

Our first live event is on Sunday, May 17, at 9 PM, Copenhagen time. The welcome letter, orientation, and first session material pack will go out at you on Thursday, May 14.

Cards and Magic Special

Live Online

May 17–June 14

Make magic with the damn cards

5 pre-recorded sessions followed by live Q&A sessions on Sundays

Over 10 hours of talk (lectures + live interactions) + ca 200 pages written just for this course.

dynamic facebook group

I make myself available every day for the duration of the course for selected, yet extensive feedback.


Who can attend?

  • Everyone is welcome, if you have some competence with divination.

  • It doesn’t matter what tradition of reading the cards you follow, but the expectation is that you can read a string of three cards.

  • The cards I’ll refer to are Marseille Tarot, Lenormand and playing cards, but for the rituals I will entice you to perform, you’re welcome to use any cards you wish.

  • It helps if you’re familiar with my writings and teachings of method related to cartomancy across the board, as demonstrated in my books and on my two influential blogs: Taroflexions and The Cartomancer on Patheos, but there’s no requirement for it.

  • On my part, I prefer it if you’re fearless, sharp, and have a knack for putting things together.

What magic?

  • This is a course in practical magic with the cards.

  • Magic works through analogical thinking and what is called ’sympathetic association’. That is to say, if you want love, you cultivate a rose not a cabbage, because a rose has soft petals, a stem full of thorns, suggesting love’s agony, and beauty. When you’re in love the world is simply more beautiful. A cabbage is for nourishing. It’s not a vehicle for love’s imagination.

  • Although magic works through sympathy and analogy, its premise is the symbolic as far as our minds are concerned. But in and of itself magic is simply the flow of life when we care to recognise it as such.

  • What I teach is to recognize this flow and use it.

What I expect

  • You practice discernment and have a vigilant sense of distinction.

  • You are interested in going beyond the cards, diving into life with a force that scares even you.

  • You’re interested in hearing about various traditions that rely on the art of deduction and common-sense.

  • You like complex analysis and interpretation, not translation of concepts via other people’s opinions.

  • You enjoy doing what no one else is doing.

  • You are not afraid of testing your own spine against your own judgment, instead of that of others.

  • You’re genuinely curious.

What you need

  • Time. I hope you can all make the live sessions every Sunday at 9 PM Copenhagen time.

  • If not, despair not. There’ll be a recording of all the sessions.

  • You need an ordinary deck of cards to begin with. Any deck of cards.

  • Download Zoom (an application based webinar platform; perfectly safe and free for you)

  • Don’t fret about books. You need none for this class. As in all my courses, I’ll make references to essential essays I wrote floating freely on Taroflexions and Patheos, plus a few books of mine and those of esteemed colleagues that you might want to consult. But there’s no extra investment, unless you want to support the writing arts.

What they say

“The progression of the reading into magic was well, magical. I’ve never made so tight of a correlation between the two. They had always been separate processes before. Read the cards. Do the magic. Never, make magic while reading the cards. It definitely loosened up my style. I’m now more willing and confident in looking for the poetry and the subtle connections between things now. Awesome”

– Ames Hall

“The Devil himself would learn from this course.”

– Federico Andino

“This course was invaluable to me, I find it has been the best investment I have ever made. You are a wise teacher Camelia, and I treasure learning from you. This isn’t merely a course on reading the cards and magic, this is an approach to life, a philosophy.”

– Natalia Forty

“Writing spells or rather wording spells correctly, understanding how much language has to do with all of it. Somehow, somewhere during this class I realized it really is all language, our constructs, beliefs, paradigms, etc. Somewhere along the way, maybe through that nasty bone initiation I came to understand or appreciate language more than I had previously. Thank you Camelia and Bent, from the bottom of my heart. As a martial artist I appreciate the reverence that one rightfully has for his sensei or sifu, so I bow to you both.”

– John Guidry

“Each lesson was like a vajra thunderbolt – Impactful, magical & enlightening, all at the same time. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who would seriously like to study tarot and magic in an in-depth manner. Camelia, you are like Master Shifu to the Po’s of the Tarot World.”

– Seema Rajwar

“You and Bent. Yes. The no fucks given, recognize what is in front of you and get shit done mentality. No bells and whistles. No snake oil being sold. It’s always and forever exceptional, down to heart, practical content that stays fresh because it’s versatile and applicable in its approach.”

– Dorian Broadway

“I loved everything about this course! I didn’t know much about magic and it hadn’t occurred to me to create spells or stories based on a card reading. This was fascinating for me. The Janitor’s Corner was also a brilliant addition that shed light on related areas of magic and lore, and it’s a segment that I would really like to see again in future courses. Finally the FaceBook group is also amazing for sharing readings, insights and feedback. I’m so glad I took this course.”

– Yuri de la Pena

For a larger selection of testimonials about Cards and Magic, visit the press page.

Registration closes on May 13.

Class starts on Sunday, May 17, at 9 PM (Copenhagen time)

Stay tuned for the course material to go out to you as soon as registration closes.

Questions? Write to me, visit my website

For a taste of how I will proceed, you’re welcome to read my essay, Dark Treasures.