Profiling or Predicting

I profile first

Or re-profile your entire business with the cards.

Sounds crazy? It is.

One thing I can assure you of is this: While we go through the standard, business-model steps, identifying what you need to know about your business, we also see these exact same steps from an angle that’s unexpected.

The cards laid on top of the model I choose provide the unexpected.

So we pick up where Harvard Business School left off.

You can be brilliant about customer relations according to a smart model, or even according to the standard business model of blah blah, but what if a card down on that topic discloses something so surprising that you can’t even put it into words?

The insights gained can be so big that you can’t even begin to understand why the hell you haven’t thought of it before.

What we do is this

  • See beyond words and labels.
  • Identify the impossible and use it to our ends; especially since no one else will be interested in covering that territory.
  • We create a model of efficiency with cards by focussing on mindset, sales, strategy and change.

A profiling includes

  • An interactive model: I slot into a business model the basic info about your company, and you add the missing parts, all according to how my own initial contribution inspires you to do. This is done online.
  • A reading of the model with cards. A standard model includes a 10-card reading, each card corresponding to 1 of 10 vital aspects of your business, from key partners to value propositions and customer relations to cost structures and revenue streams.
  • A sharp analysis, and concrete steps towards implementation.
  • PRICE: $300


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I then predict

I also use the cards for the prediction market.

If you have just a quick question about investment or the size of your returns, the cards can have some interesting things to say that may either support your own intuition about an investment, or refute it entirely. Quite the fun.

This is a small type of reading (3-5 cards).

If you’re a stockbroker who needs to compare different portfolios – ‘this one or that one?’ – you need the medium reading (5-8 cards).

What they say about profiling

AMAZING!!!  This was intense and fun both! I am still 5 days later thinking about the subtleties and layers of this reading.

What a powerful method of self inquiry, honest evaluation, and get the f*&% in gear, business savvy this reading is. It is perfect timing when revamping a business plan, as I am now.

Just answering your first questions, I came face to face with the sound of my goals; knowing they will be going into a funnel of sorts with another pair of watchful & experienced eyes (I appreciated your rephrasing of some questions). I saw demons.

I like the format of taking input; it took me 2 hrs. to answer the questions thoughtfully. This is an intensive format. Bravo!!

The reading was Pow; I am still working through it, digesting it, beginning to apply it. This reading & questions will guide my business planning for several months.

Thank YOU!

– TARA LINDA, Owner of Sacred Land Sage

I’m really impressed with your work. I have no words for the truth you told me. Now I will work through what the cards told me.

– BARBARA KRAM, CEO for Montaniola, Precious vinegars and balsamico elixirs.