Essays, videos, art

As a writer, I write all sorts. I write a lot.

In addition to my published academic and divination books, I also blog and contribute to magazines that challenge and deconstruct our worldviews.


  • TAROFLEXIONS | fixing blind spots with cards | method posts
  • MAGOISM | contributor of essay and poetry to a journal focussing on feminist and spiritually-based activism that supports the awareness of the oneness of all entities in the universe.


  • I have a YouTube channel Read Like the Devil, where I post short videos dealing with cartomancy and Zen awareness.


  • Interviews | get to know me through the eyes of others


  • For a general overview of my academic and divination work, See EyeCorner Press


I create talismanic art, cards, and sigils. The style is calligraphic and photographic.

I also shoot black and white pictures with a Leica M2 from 1963, develop the film myself, and create handmade gelatin silver prints in my own darkroom. This is part of my alchemical project The Danish Testament.

The source of inspiration for this art is dead Zen masters, though, on occasion, I bow to contemporary artists.

Here below is a shot of some of the cards that make up the Arcades Tarot. Yamamoto Masao has also been an inspiration, as he once appeared in a dream and gave me instructions that led to the creation of the exclusive Tarot Interdit.

The Art of Reading

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