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martial arts cuts in my own tradition of analytical

Zen fortunetelling, aka the ‘Read like the Devil’ method

I value my time and yours. You come to me to get clarity. I do my best to shoot for the most precise answer available to me.

How do I read your cards?

By killing it. That’s the reputation I have in the world.

Whatever you ask, I give you a sharp answer that addresses concretely and precisely what you ask. Sometimes too concretely. I take no prisoners. I don’t negotiate. I make you think and I make you realize what’s what. What you do thereafter is up to you.

What I appreciate the most is when people actually mean it when they say things such as the following:

“I had no idea cards could be read with such fiery freedom, or that magic and cards could intertwine so naturally – the way you see the threads gives me goose-bumps.” (Megan Amoss, Traffic Manager and Systems Analyst, USA)

My aim is to move your heart. Nothing more, nothing less.

Choose your reading

New: haiku

Inspired by my work with haiku and the Tarot, explored in my Arcades Tarot, I’m offering Oracular Haiku Readings.

For this you don’t need to provide me with a question, but you will have to read what I send you in response to a question you have in mind. The magic is to hear a click.

I’ll use cards picked at my discretion. Here’s an example of a haiku, composed on Wendy Lee Gadzuk’s Deconstructed Divination cards, featured here: We keep the silence, swords are still tensioned and crossed. Ocean of focus.

The feedback I received was the following: ‘We’re not together anymore, but we still keep an eye on each other, resentment and regret galore. I have to think about that focus, and why I keep it so.’

Small reading 

Pointed clarity in 3-5 cards.

Ask anything and I bet you’ll say: ‘Why didn’t I think of that before?’

Often a snappy reading is the best when you need your blind spots fixed.

Read a recent client sample here.

Medium reading 

You know your predicament, but you’re not sure about the act.

What to do, what to avoid? This job or that job? 6-8 cards will give you a crystal clear push.

Read a recent client sample here.

Large reading

‘Why did this happen, how did I get myself into this, now what?’

9-13 cards will make you understand your situation, suggest what to do, or what to embrace.

Read a recent client sample here.

Grand Tableau

Reading a Grand Tableau with 36 cards on the table is like good detective work.

Past, present, and future lines intersect and weave a fascinating story. There are characters at every corner, and surprises that astonish us. The Grand Tableau tells us the story of ourselves in relation, in great detail.

Read a recent client sample here.

playing cards masterclass, camelia elias
Face to face

I read your cards according to the principle of paying attention. I pay attention to the obvious that resists you and to what you’re saying between the lines that you may not even be aware of.

A live session in person or via Skype or Zoom is ca. 90 minutes.

We can cover 1-5 smaller questions using anything between a 3-card and a 9-card layout, or I cast a grand tableau for you with all the cards on the table.

Business deal

Using cards, I re-profile your entire business. This is an interactive type of cartomantic work that uses business school models.

I map cards unto these models, and come up with answers that can be far more surprising and helpful than those of the best Harvard school analysts.


A horary chart takes its point of departure in the hour you pose a question. A horary chart is similar to card divination. What’s happening right now? Why?

Read a fun horary chart on recovering my lost my cards.

A natal chart tells you a story about yourself. In what area do you have the most power to act? What sabotages your efforts? It’s good to know what you can bank on and void wasting your time.

A natal chart is a time-consuming affair, as I don’t do computer generated narratives. I use Renaissance astrology techniques, and give you a solid analysis based on synthesis that you won’t find anywhere else.

Read an extract of a natal chart analysis here.

Cards & sigils

Encounter my art in the form of cards and magic.

I create enchantments, talismans and sigils. These are geared towards sharpening your focus on what needs to be done, how, and why.

Visit the Cards and Magic shop.

A seminar and workshop for 15 diplomats and ambassadors in Copenhagen.

The topic was the art of looking and how the divinatory arts are not interesting because of systems of cultural meaning and signification, but because interpretation occurs precisely against the background of meaninglessness.

What they say

“I cannot speak enough of how much I value the ability of your reading to encourage critical, open minded thinking. Foretelling the future is grand, analyzing the present is lovely, and remembering the past are all fine with the cards. But when you empower someone so that their vision grows beyond what it already is – when you open their eyes – that is true magic. I have complete confidence that I will find many new layers of depth to your reading as time progresses.” – Dorian Broadway

“I highly recommend everyone gets a reading done by Camelia. Not only are her readings dead on, but she performs them with such presence and compassion that you will want to cry.” – Archie Chin Hung Leung

“I had my natal chart done once before years ago, but it didn’t feel right, parts made zero sense. THIS, nailed. All these years I thought I was going at things wrong (and would get lost because of it) because everything was such a Gods. Damned. Battle. Now I know that’s exactly as it’s supposed to be.” – Tara Good

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