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provides online teaching and publishing in the contemplative arts: from cartomancy to zen from critical thinking to fundamentals in reading visual language.

We offer two types of courses under the signature Read like the Devil via enrolmentarchived.

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Students send me images of their own environment while watching a live webinar, or write memes on the internet:

“When people tell me, WOW, I love your readings, I often say, I’ve been #cameliad.” – Aitzie Olaechea

One way to describe what I’m doing in my classes is through the words of the students:

I’m seeing how you go about this as organic (with respect to seeing things as they are) and subversive (as to habits and conditioning to do the opposite). When the Fox came up in a question about work, I got stuck in, ‘Oh no, I remember something somewhere stating a theory about fox = work.’

I knew that this = that would not square with your approach, but then got myself stuck in the reverse, wanting the Fox not to have anything do with work just because someone somewhere said it did.

It seems to me that your approach both subverts the mere incantation of convention and honors the organic function. I needed to let go even of the meaning of ‘no meaning,’ returning to the source to see the function implicit in the image. Big thanks – this is one of those lessons that go to the bone!

– Yeshe Francisco, translator and Tibetan Lama.

The 3-Card Challenge

A course in training reading the 3-card draw with the Marseille Tarot.

Registration is closed

Cartomancy and Necromancy

Learn about principles of magic with cards and necromantic practices.

Registration is closed

playing cards masterclass, camelia elias

Playing Cards Foundation Course 

Keep it close to nature.

Learn the power of stylizing the human condition to four suits.

This course is currently available in book form

Marseille Tarot Foundation Course 

Learn to read the Marseille cards in a precise, fearless, bold, and masterful way.

In focus is making sharp cuts, martial arts style.

This course is currently available in book form

Radiant Reading | Advanced Marseille

Learn to go beyond mechanics:

Learn the art of connecting the cards with awareness of what you actually see and flow of transmission.

This course is currently available in book form

Lenormand Cards Foundation Course

Get the basics right and nuanced, including killing the intimidating grand tableau.

This course is currently available in book form

Advanced Lenormand

It’s all about conflict and how to overcome it.

It’s all about reading the grand tableau and nothing but. Mystery, drama, perception, and shooting a straight arrow. You know your method, and what to do with it. You are not its slave. You are its master.

This course is currently available in book form

Archived and some free courses

Currently there are both workshops available, Art Tarot, the power of the trumps and the power of the pips lecture series, and a series of archived prompts. In addition, two free crash courses.


A 3-year program one-on-one in Cards and Zen.

Wherein I whip asses, slash throats, and laugh at resistances. NOT for the faint-hearted.

Tarot Prompts

Wherein I send to your inbox 7-11 Tarot prompts, 7-11 mini-lessons to inspire you.

I don’t ask the questions. The cards do. And sometimes they formulate your spells.

Past tracks are available on the topics of Every Day is a Good Day, Cards and Coffee, The House, Coping, Voice, Sovereignty, Infinity, and Encounters. Check an example of a call on Aradia Academy’s archived courses page.

What an Aradia Academy class is and what it isn’t

All the teaching is based on an invitation to think with and on the cards; Zen and martial arts principles are applied to our reading techniques.

An Aradia Academy course is not a class in memorization, or in what people say as a matter of course, tradition, or lineage.

Each course follows the principle of Read like the Devil, which simply means that we read a visual text or the world according to how we apply the function of all things to context.

We aim to enforce the Zen principle of seeing things as they are.

When we operate with a visual text, we look at what is. We ask this question: What cultural conventions dictate the function of what we look at beyond a purely symbolic level?

We dispel the idea that meaning is inherent in cards and beliefs. An Aradia Academy course is an investigation into meaning as situational.

The backbone of our method is deconstruction. If we see anything in the cards, then it’s not because we have privileged access to some presupposed knowledge, be that occult, secret, or psychic. If we see anything in the cards, then it’s because there’s a question on the table that prompts a particular kind of analogical thinking, stretching our habitual responses to a place that’s interesting to look at and consider.

We deal with language awareness and metaphors that represent it, not reality.

Read Like the Devil

Clarity, precision, and the immensely imaginative to the point

The foundation and advanced courses take place once a year, on a rotation basis. The topical courses are one-off.

Stay informed on registration openings via the Art of Reading newsletter.

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