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The Lenormand Masterclass | Get the basics right and nuanced

Have an impact on the course before start on June 3

Beyond Cards and Magic | Individual Lectures

Learn about the craziness of the Heart Sutra and Tarot, or about the subtle power of the trumps

Cards and Magic | The Marseille Masterclass 

Learn to read the Marseille cards in a precise, fearless, bold, and masterful way.

And some magic.

Radiant Reading | Advanced Marseille 

Learn to go beyond mechanics:

Learn the art of connecting the cards with awareness of what you actually see and flow of transmission.

The one-on-one sessions

Wherein I whip asses, slash throats, and laugh at resistances. NOT for the faint-hearted.

Nonreading: Cards and Zen

Marseille Tarot

Lenormand Oracle


Tarot Prompts

Wherein I send to your inbox 11 Tarot prompts to inspire you.

I don’t ask the questions. The cards do.

My method

Clarity, precision, and the immensely imaginative to the point.

Grab my entertaining crash course to get an idea.

Or watch a video featuring my ‘mission statement.’