Lenormand Masterclass

Get the basics right and nuanced

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Cards and Magic | Marseille Masterclass 

Learn to read the Marseille cards in a precise, fearless, bold, and masterful way.

And some magic.

Radiant Reading | Advanced Marseille 

Learn to go beyond mechanics:

Learn the art of connecting the cards with awareness of what you actually see and flow of transmission.

playing cards masterclass, camelia elias

Playing Cards Masterclass 

Keep it close to nature.

Learn the power of stylizing the human condition to four suits.

Beyond Cards and Magic | Individual Lectures

Learn about the craziness of the Heart Sutra and Tarot, or about the subtle power of the trumps

The one-on-one sessions

Wherein I whip asses, slash throats, and laugh at resistances. NOT for the faint-hearted.

  • Nonreading: Cards and Zen
  • Marseille Tarot
  • Lenormand Oracle
  • Playing-Cards

Tarot Prompts

Wherein I send to your inbox 11 Tarot prompts to inspire you.

I don’t ask the questions. The cards do.


Read Like the Devil

Clarity, precision, and the immensely imaginative to the point.

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What a class is and is not

NOT a class in memorization, or in what people say. NOT EVEN a class in deduction.

It’s a class in seeing what you see, and composition. How do you put it so the other you read the cards for gets it?

It’s a class in getting that ‘what you get’ is always anchored in your own circumstance and condition. When you read cards you just make clear what circumstance and condition is.

You go from seeing what IS to prediction, but the premise for seeing what IS and prediction is NOT one of ‘I know everything,’ but one of ‘I haven’t a bloody clue’.

You look at what happens in the space between claims to knowledge: ‘It will happen’, and ‘Relax: Just read the damn cards’.