I like to perform seasonal readings.

The reading of cards at the threshold, between events and change of year, tells us something about the way in which we experience liminal states, or what I like to think of as thin ice. We tread carefully into the unknown. Most of us do, anyway.

If you already have a solid – let’s laugh at the idea of solid – Zen mind, stop reading this.

Meanwhile, as not most of us have clear insight, especially when we find ourselves at crossroads, we tend to appreciate a sharp line, or a word of compassion that hits us in our action gut that’s mostly sleeping, at least until we hear that word.

How about looking at what is good, what is bad, and what is mad in your life? How about you read the mad as what saves you?

How about a mantra that focusses your attention to awareness, not a story about ‘what could be’?

Here’s an example:

camelia elias, tarot du roy nissanka

THE GOOD: The Hanged Man

THE BAD: The Emperor

THE MAD: The Star

It’s good to practice the art of acceptance in the face of bad controlling acts. It’s mad to strip and leave the world of symbolic power behind.

But what if doing your thing is IT, the thing itself, and not the story of a power myth?

Empty your chalices of what you have accumulated that serves you not, and vanquish the imperial image to where your nakedness sits on IT, the thing itself, and not the story of a myth.


Water to earth, nakedness to spacious mind. Power is not something I show, but something I do.

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