Debi Ann Scott to Veronica Chamberlain, talking behind my back about what they get out of their Nonreadings – each in the one-to-one with me.

“I’m just so grateful I found her and that she accepted to mentor me in her Nonreadings. It’s the best present I could ever receive. If I died tomorrow, I would feel complete. I will just be the best I can be where I’m at and as I keep learning.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 12.29.31 PMWhy do people say this? Because Nonreading goes to the bold heart.

It’s an exercise in radical acceptance.

Twice a month I send out a lesson that surprises and asks the boldest and weirdest questions. For you to consider.

After the initial pondering you throw your own cards on the table.

There is instruction on how you go about it, and why you must be ready to get blown away.

Lo and behold.

The people I work with are fascinating people who tell fascinating stories. What I do is push their stories to the edge.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 12.28.14 PMCan you sense the vastness in that? If you can, then right now you’re experiencing the vertigo effect. If you can’t, then something holds you back. What is this ‘something’?

I explore the ‘something’ by playing with Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, hardcore nondualism – if I must use any words for that, sorry for being so silly – and cards.

I bet you didn’t think these go together.

Well, they do.

Or so the people I get through my wringing machine would swear.

I’m not the merciful kind.

What it is:

  • A pack of 33 lessons delivered bi-monthly in written form on a personalized blog platform (though you can hop off any time you want; others stay on beyond the 33).
  • Assignments. You do the assignments – post them on the blog that only you and I can see –  and I give you individual feedback for each contribution.
  • Work with awareness and cards. I take you on a strong path of self-reflexivity like you’ve never experienced it before, and I hold your back.

What it’s not:

  • Traditional psychotherapy – we are not interested in how your parents fucked you up.
  • Encouraging you to ‘love yourself’ – we kill the self, so how can we talk about loving an illusion?
  • Limiting to standard models – cards create our models, not cognitive psychology or industrialized spirituality.
  • A saving plan – I don’t ‘save’ you. I create a possibility for you to see what’s what; your ‘self’ doesn’t need saving. What it needs is to solidly accept impermanence as the perennial state.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 12.30.28 PMWhat we work with:

  • Watching the mind and checking with the cards too, to make it more interesting. This is a highly self-reflective and mind-bending program.
  • Psychodynamics. But not the cognitive type à la psychology that caters to creating pleasing narratives of the self.
  • Zen awareness that deconstructs any notion and illusion of the self.
  • Watching closely what goes on in our minds. From a distance. Emotion gets a whack. Intellectualism gets a whack.
  • Advanced meditation techniques that are merciless in that the ambition is none other than to make people pay careful attention to how language construes reality, and hence cure themselves of fear and trembling.
  • Tantra. Not the sex part. The part that has to do with the root of the Sanskrit word: Tantra is ‘continuum’, going beyond. Now you know why I use ‘keep going’ as a salute in all my correspondence.

What is left? Nothing. Paradoxically it’s the nothing in your head that makes you experience spaciousness.

Imagine your head not being filled will all sorts of worries, aversions, addictions, superstitions (I’m not talking about the black cat crossing your road; I’m talking about conventions à la 4+4=8. If you think this is not superstitious language, think again).

Great masters have paved the way for this understanding. We bow to them.

What I do that’s original is combine the reading of cards with my Zen training, or to be more specific, my knowledge and practice of Tibetan Buddhism, the Kagyu school.

In my general readings and psycho-magical consultancy I go for delivering a clear-headed vision.

In my nonreadings, I go for boldness. I go for the spirit of the gentle warrior. I go for the heart that you have no idea you have.

Think of this offering as a meditation with me on what it means to be real.

I call this inquiry Nonreading, as it involves radical boldness in dialogue.

With a pack of cards in my hand, ready to be surprised, I address questions about:

  • thresholds
  • insight
  • contemplation
  • and the nature of awareness.

You can call this applied nondualism, or plain being present.

How it works

Monthly subscription of $130/per month.

  • Plus a small investment in a deck of Marseille cards. This program requires rudimentary knowledge of the Tarot cards.
  • I consistently have no more than 10 students at a time in this program, simply because I value the feedback I give each individual.
  • Think of your 130 bucks as money that gets you across the abyss and the mundane at the same time.

What you get

  • Written bi-monthly lessons that have a a core idea in focus (on occasion there’s a video).
  • Written feedback from me: You ask me questions about your assignment, or present me with a concern or idea of your own that you want to clarify or develop, and I give you my best shot in a coherent and focused way.
  • Sustained vigilance. Shit can possess us, and we’ll make that very clear.
  • Cultivating 4 aspects: balance, power, diplomacy, and inspiration.
  • Rituals (of creating clay bodies, opening the heart with cards, Solomonic magic, and more).

My trademark

  • Cutting everything to the essential, and then going beyond.
  • I slash the throats that let useless language constructions pass through. What we want is well-being and easy-going, not linguistic dictations. My samurai sword is always hot and bloody. My dedicated students love me in quiet terror.
  • I teach in this way because at the end of ‘all the way’ miracles await: The students’ finest work dedicated to me. Such dedication makes my life as a teacher worth the while.

Here’s Veronica Chamberlain’s word for it, if you read this far:

“How can I explain lessons from Camelia? I’m in the chair, I must pay attention, I’m captured by all the info she generously shares, she pulls me back from straying, makes me use my brain, calls on my shit, explains it all in detail, and she makes the cards this lively dance. Camelia teaches how to see the language, the story, art, colours, magic, movement, and words emerge from the cards.” 

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 12.35.47 PM

Contact me for available slots.


You may also want to have an eye for new online lectures in the series Beyond Cards and Magic on specific topics related to Nonreading, for instance, The Craziness of the Heart Sutra and Tarot.

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