Marseille Tarot

You read your own cards, and I give you feedback. I tell you exactly what you miss, what you need to tighten it, and how to think clearly.

Lenormand Oracle

Thirty six cards on the table laid nicely in a grand tableau can mean a lot of things. Or maybe not. What applies to the reading of a 2-card draw applies to the reading of large spreads.

You read your own cards, and I teach you to be precise, no matter how many cards on the table.

Playing cards

I teach the cunning-folk method, which is to say, the method that’s anchored in keeping things (and logic) close to nature.

Same procedure as always. You read your own cards and I tell you exactly what you need to know to get it on target.


Cards and Zen. We look at visual language to deconstruct verbal language. No illusion remains unturned. The cards hit it on its head.

A 3-year program of the most exciting kind, with graduates loving every bit of it.