a subtle burst

This book is a version of the transcript of eight video recorded lectures.

The book draws on the practice on divination in the context of storytelling and Zen philosophy.

Consider this question:

How many times have you sat with the images of the Tarot, especially the trump cards, and had the feeling that although you see what you see, you also see more? I bet your answer to this is, ‘many.’

This series of eight lectures explores the subtlety of the tarot trumps and how its power translates into a concrete experience that can only be summed up like this: ‘I’m reading the Tarot, and it feels like riding the hedge.’

At the heart of it is a simple method in the form of an invitation: Think in a way that bursts open your perception. Don’t think in terms of received perception.

When the Tarot speaks to you, it doesn’t speak in a language that’s borrowed. It speaks in a language that you understand, as you cross the horizon line, where the seen and the unseen mingle in an oracular, and poetic way.


  1. STUMBLING INTO A SUBTLE BURST: Fool, Charioteer, Tower, Magician
  2. I DON’T KNOW: Lovers, Charioteer, Hanged Man
  3. YOUR LUCK IS MADE: Wheel of Fortune, Emperor, Moon
  4. BUSTED LIGHT: Sun, Hermit, Tower
  5. SOMETIMES YOU CRY: Empress, Justice, Star
  6. WHAT’S IN A NAME: Pope, Devil, Death
  7. THE ART OF RESILIENCE: Magician, Judgment, World
  8. GIVE YOURSELF TIME: Force, Popess, Temperance

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Published by EyeCorner Press: EyeCorner Divination Imprint. april 2017.