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“Holy Fucking Shit! Every damn statement in my reading was so real, true and spot on, I could not believe what I was reading. You truly read the cards like the Devil. You shine like the sun and thank you for being you!”

– Debi Ann Scott

“Your tarot readings? You will become an establishment.”

– Patrick Rowan Blackburn, Professor of Formal Philosophy, Roskilde University, Denmark

“You read my unconscious. Isn’t that amazing?”

– Drapi Arora, client and student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“Tarot is great! You made me discover it and I use it like a kind of psychoanalytic session. It’s incredible what it does to people, using the cards and old symbols to make unconscious things conscious.”

– Solange Leibovici, Professor Emerita, University of Amsterdam

“You are a great teacher. When you read, it makes so much sense to me. It’s so clear and obvious. I JUST LOVE the way you snap it together. You bring it down to its base message.”

– Mary Martha Collins, Visual Artist, USA

“I had no idea cards could be read with such fiery freedom, or that magic and cards could intertwine so naturally – the way you see the threads gives me goose-bumps.”

– Megan Amoss, Traffic Manager and Systems Analyst, USA


B E F O R E  T H E  C L A S S

“Just signed up for this webinar series by Camelia Elias. I’ve read both her books, taken an online class from her, and am prepared to have my mind blown and my reading style transformed.”

– Sherryl Smith on Tarot Heritage, student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“You talk a lot about reading the cards like the Devil. When I first saw those words, I immediately reacted by shouting, YES. Camelia, at that very moment I grabbed my deck of cards and went to the local cemetery I frequent and knelt beneath a sacred tree there and yelled into the wind: ‘I want to read the cards like the Devil’. Camelia, I want to read the cards like the Devil. I WILL read the cards like the Devil. I can’t thank you enough for offering this course and sharing your wisdom and magic. Thank you thank you thank you.”

– Kayla Elizabeth Cole, Tarot reader and student in my Cards and Magic Class

“I’ve been working with cards for almost 13 years now, with some knowledge that the devil’s in the detail, but nowhere have I found so much careful attention to the storytelling and magical creative aspect of reading than in your blog. Thank you for the opportunity.”

– Jorge Cuaik, Astrologer and Tarot reader, student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“Camelia, you are the Scarlett O’Hara of cartomancy. A girl who bucked convention and did things her way, using her will and guts. . . and with great lipstick!”

– Annie Kaye, Student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“I’ve literally been looking forward to this class for months. Camelia Elias transmits tarot in a way I can feel in my bones. Her two books on the subject are pure gold. And I have zero doubt this class will be rich with real life magic. I’ve already snagged my seat (I didn’t even read the sales page. I paid + *then* circled back to take a peek). If you’re interested in tarot + magic, clickclick. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

– Fabeku Fatunmise, Shaman and Sorcerer, and student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“I signed up for the Cards and Magic Online Class. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have been reading cards for over 25 years and Camelia has completely refreshed and focused my reading style. Get in while you can… Camelia, you are a BAD WITCH, and a great teacher.””

– Jason Miller, Strategic Sorcerer at Inominandum, student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“I just checked out your class – I’m a Tarot reader myself and your offering looks nothing short of bewitching, original, and fabulous. So, naturally, I signed up!”

– Nirmala Nataraj, writer, editor, coach, Tarot reader

“I took the Tarot and Magic class that Andrew Kyle McGregor put together and Camelia’s class on sigils was incredible. If this course is anything like that it’s worth every penny and then some. I just signed up.”

– Ellen-Mary O’Brian, student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“I have no specific expectations except to learn from your vast experience of reading down to the bones and magically. To shift from the Monkey Mind and textbook logic, and move into openness, mystery and magic. What you have to offer, I want to learn.”

– Debi Ann Scott

“I am so signed up for the ride! Yay! What I am really looking forward to is your direct approach to producing a method and make it work.”

– Markus Pheil, experimental physicist and Druid

“Very much looking forward to the course. I’ve already been so inspired and nourished by your books. Most definitely ready to rock”

– Langston Kahn, Shaman, and student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“What really attracted me to your class was the whole idea of owning my readings and not doubting myself. I can’t wait for the class to start.”

– Ro Molina, New York, and student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“Why have I signed up? Because you have good juju. I sense there was a very powerful spell behind your words. Plus, all the cool kids are signing up to this one. I don’t want to miss out on all the fun.”

– Cristina Castanedo, Mathematician, and student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“I wandered onto your website and saved it, read through it, put my name down to work with you and then devoured your book, The Oracle Travels Light. The chapter on soul work is more teal, le pen markings than print. I want what you have with the cards. You ask better questions and get better information. I want it, so I signed up for it.”

– Erin Clark, writer

A F T E R  T H E  C L A S S

“The class was very well-organized, excellently presented, with a perfect balance between theory, card reading, and ideas for magical acts. I hope you package it and sell it to the public. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. As your words washed over me during that last session, it felt like an initiation, or a direct energy transmission. I felt bathed in that mysterious, inexplicable energy that underlies all acts of divination. I would rate this class with an A+, gold star, and blue ribbon. I’ve been going to classes, conferences and workshops for over 20 of my 40+ years in tarot. This class is one of the most unique, energizing and mind-bending experiences I’ve had.”

– Sherryl Smith

“Everything Tarot that Camelia touches has a revolutionary edge. Why is this? While she knows ancient histories and methods, her outlook is contemporary, and her answer is as fresh and vibrant as a newly blossoming flower. She brings real magic to her reading for you, only you, and today. Whether you use her answer or not, you will know that from a Master of the Cards you have received Wisdom, and that is enough. If you love Tarot yourself and would like to learn a few of her precious secrets, take this course, and chart your way to breakthroughs. Become her revolutionary colleague.”

– David Smith

“Camelia was not only incredibly responsive to students’ questions; she was gracious enough to personally respond to almost every query and quandary that her students posed. Not an easy task, given that she had over 100 (mostly active and inquisitive) students to deal with! The teachings themselves were extremely multi-layered and have offered me hours upon hours of practice and discovery, but the environment of the Facebook group was equally profound. The conversations that unraveled, and Camelia’s facilitation of rigorous inquiry, made for an experience that was deeply engaging. I am not sure that would have been possible without her passion as a reader and spiritual teacher.”

– Nirmala Nataraj

“Cards and Magic gave me so many things to appreciate that it is almost impossible to condense to one or two things. It taught me how to detach from attachments and read the cards in context to specific questions. It wasn’t just a ‘learn the cards’ class, it taught me how to ‘be’ in my life and with the cards. The shared materials were highly professional, complete, covered every aspect of what was communicated in the class, and covered shared experiences within the group. I viewed Camelia’s teaching style more as a Guide than a Teacher. She freely gives information, and then helps you see for yourself via detachment. She never failed to respond and assist us. A safe space was created for posting assignments and group sharing which was very important to me. I never felt like I needed to hold back anything. Very liberating. The course was invaluable to me, as I received way more than the price of the class.”

– Debi Ann Scott

“There are many, many valuable things I’ve taken from this course: to stop and look at the cards, to develop a personal relationship with the images, to stick to the question, I had my confidence back with readings, improved my accuracy… I enjoyed the homework a lot, the questions we had to answer were loaded guns and created lots of insights. The Facebook group was quite an unexpected bonus: a wonderful, safe place with a real feel of community and learning from each other. The teaching style made the often information-dense material quite easy to follow; I was really looking forward to the fortnightly sessions because they were SUCH FUN; I even got emotional on the last one. After the course, you don’t end up reading the cards, you sing with them.”

– Cristina Castanedo

“I have spent a lot of money on courses that were crap… this was gold. I actually learned something! What I loved most about your teaching/reading style is the no BS. There is no way to help someone if we sugarcoat. I thoroughly enjoyed the class time… you are engaging and I love your laugh… just draws me in.”

– Kriss Lumsden

“As promised, I learned an approach entirely different to the way I have read up to now, with a kind of Tarot cards I had avoided like the plague thus far. My abilities of detachment have greatly increased, and so my magical results have gotten much better! I was sceptical at first about the size of the course, but Camelia showed she really does know how to manage a large class! I’ve felt better taken care of than I have in much smaller classes I have taken.”

– Shira Rechenberg

“The progression of the reading into magic was well, magical. I’ve never made so tight of a correlation between the two. They had always been separate processes before. Read the cards. Do the magic. Never, make magic while reading the cards. It definitely loosened up my style. I’m now more willing and confident in looking for the poetry and the subtle connections between things now. Awesome”

– Ames Hall

“The Devil him/her/itself would learn from this course.”

– Federico Andino


“More than the material, which was wonderful, I appreciated that our teacher was honest, tough, and compassionate. Without setting herself apart as an authority, she was still able to show us where we were going wrong. Camelia was generous and open, sharing her time and her experience yet never dictating how our magic should evolve. It would be difficult to ask for more in a teacher. Breadth and accessibility of material, the guiding presence of a supportive and dependable teacher, and the making of new friends – these are the ingredients for a transformative learning experience. I will be eternally grateful for having made the decision to enroll – Camelia, I want you to know that you are an inspiring teacher, and I am certain that your strength, goodness and compassion have made a difference in more lives than my own. Please keep up your teachings – I can’t tell you how much I look forward to exploring this path you have helped me discover. Thank you.”

– Peter Cole

“Thank you so much, Camelia! It is an honor to have studied with you. Your fiery heart and no-nonsense ways of cutting to the bone are inspirations to me in my magical practice and my daily life as well.”

– Megan Amoss

“I love the fact that you show up sans bullshit + serve up the real stuff without the fluff. No blahblah. Just let’s-get-to-it. That’s what I want. The meat. The bones. The magic. I also appreciated having the material in so many formats. I’d dip into various lessons in different ways depending on what I had bandwidth for as we went. And, as someone who believes-and-teaches that details matter, I appreciate the time you put into making the PDFs visually beautiful, as well as rich with smartness + shazam. I also appreciate that you’re serving up original material. Not the same snooze-ey reheated stuff. You definitely over delivered in this one, Camelia. From jump street, you were all in + stayed all in through the course. As someone who has seen a lot of online courses + who has helped hundreds of people plan-and-execute online courses, you definitely did a rare thing. The value of the course is infinitely greater than the price you charged for it. You did well presenting the body of work to an audience with a wide range of experience. Also no small feat. I recommended the course to my people before it started. And I’d recommend it again. Whether someone is interested in magic or divination, this course should satisfy both appetites. Beautifully done.”

– Fabeku Fatunmise


“Everybody, including the Devil, could sit and learn from Cards and Magic. Without exaggeration, this is by far the best course on the cards that I’ve seen in my life.”

– Serge Pirotte

“This course rocked my divination world. I have been a diviner for over 20 years. The tools and confidence I gained from this opportunity will guide me into the next 20 and beyond.”

– Emily Bolander

“The course was a great value all around. I imagine you must have a big crystal ball to see all of the students and our assorted demons we drag around. I look forward to taking more courses.”

– Maryann Jordan

“Simplicity. Directness. No fuss/no muss. To the point. This course has been the most helpful for me in simplifying my readings.”

– Ellen Worle

“This course was invaluable to me, I find it has been the best investment I have ever made. You are a wise teacher Camelia, and I treasure learning from you. This isn’t merely a course on reading the cards and magic, this is an approach to life, a philosophy.”

– Natalia Forty

“I will praise you in this life and all those that will come. This course has come to me in that perfect moment and it has helped me grow as a human being. The love, the peace, the community you have gathered emanates, it’s beyond words. You made me never doubt myself again, you made me discover my power and embrace it. My entire life has changed as my entire life perspective has shifted. But this is what you do, you practice your magic and you change the world. Continue to be yourself, to do your magic and you will always gather people around you who will take it further. You’re the master of cards and magic!”

– Andreea Rata

“I want to thank the Devil for appearing when you cut the deck one last time. That was a magical moment and all the endorsement you could ever need!”

– Gayle Luster

“The Devil must be proud.”

– Federico Andino


Radiant Reading lived up to its mission as an advanced class. Camelia posed many thought-provoking questions about the process of reading that went way beyond the “mechanics” of reading. I think the insights Camelia provides about connections between cards, and a sort of meta-reading of a reading, are her unique gift, and these insights apply to any deck or just any set of images.

– Annie Kaye

“The Marseille Tarot has been my traveling companion for a few years, I’ve read much of what’s available on it in English, and some of what’s available in French, and I’ve always appreciated the direct approach to reading the cards, free of the tyranny of fixed meaning. I use the Tarot with my coaching clients, and I use it as part of my work facilitating family constellations, I’ve even taught some classes on the Marseille deck. However, with Camelia I feel I am in the presence of a master. She is irreverent, funny, unpredictable, fierce when necessary, and totally inspired. And she has certainly inspired me. I feel that she has opened a door to help me take my work with the tarot to a whole new level.”

– Caitriona Reed

“I found Radiant Reading a captivating course that kept me engaged throughout while wanting more! Thank you, Camelia. Having embarked on this journey with you, since the Cards and Magic class and more so with The Power of the Trumps videos, something has shifted in me that I cannot explain. Could it be inner power? I don’t know, but it feels good! I am looking forward to our next encounter.”

– Aitzie Olaechea

“I could say I’ve learned stuff, but I ACTUALLY learned stuff. Capital A, capital C, capital T, the works. Thanks.”

– Miguel Marques

“A really great class, a friendly and supportive group of classmates. A course that teaches real magic and card reading, no fluff, no sugar coating, just get real and read the damn cards.”

– Jane Greenberg

“Focused, flavoursome & flagrant. Nothing is wasted, everything is on-point. Knowledge and wisdom delivered with humour always sings it home for me.”

– Melanie Lucia Oborn

“Gosh I don’t know that I can put into words how much confidence I now have around reading the damn cards! No divination, no arcane symbols to memorize, just straightforward reading of the cards.”

– Ann Lally

“Radiant Reading was a wonderful class….”advanced” without feeling snooty or exclusive, and no questions were considered “dumb” or laughed at. Just a logical next step from Cards and Magic. Thank you for being such a wonderfully warm, accessible, hands-on teacher. You demonstrate what you teach in your life, and I’m honored that you have chosen to share that with us, and I feel lucky!”

– Wendy Gadzuk

“Radiant Reading was dynamic and interesting. I loved the inclusion of pre-class assignments as that quelled my eagerness on the weekends there was no class. It kept the knowledge simmering. Amazing course by an amazing and illuminating teacher. Thank you for the work you do of teaching to go beyond in all our approaches.”

– Natalia Forty

“The course was a BALL! It was a fantastic experience; I was looking forward to the live-class meetings. This is not just a tarot reading class; it’s a mind-bending philosophy course.”

– Cristina Castanedo

“Your course was, once again, life changing, mind changing and inspiring. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

– Shira Rechenberg

“I think the creativity and verve you bring to both the lessons and your own practice was most inspiring to me. The course was fabulous – as expected.”

 – Amber McKee

“Everything was so good. Got my brains blown multiple times. This was a brilliant course.”

– Veronique Van der Mejden


“A fire wasn’t lit under me until I read Camelia Elias.”

– Carla Tate, at Rowan Tarot

“MARSEILLE TAROT: TOWARDS THE ART OF READING, is even more amazing than Camelia’s blog. Her manner of writing reveals the cards in a more intimate way than I have ever seen in another book. The meanings are all there of course, but so is a list of what that card might mean when it appears with others – a feature I have not seen in Tarot books before, and one which gets to the heart of this style of reading [. . . ] If you are at all interested in the Marseille Tarot, or even just in a more natural, fluid, and down-to-earth style of reading whatever deck you currently use, this book is a must have.”

– Jason Miller at Inominandum

Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading is a must-have addition to the bookshelves of anyone who works with historic decks and unillustrated pips. The author has given profuse examples of divinatory encounters, giving both question and card response with laconic vigour: Camelia is not a reader from the school of tarot longeur!  The cards speak cartomantically and colloquially, with a ‘take it or leave it’ speed, which is very much to my own taste.

– Caitlin Matthews at Soundings (read the whole review, as it covers both my cartomantic books)

“Dr. Elias is a cartomancer, through and through, and the Tarot is the body and blood, carrying the spirit of her teaching. Even experienced card readers can expect to find valuable insight, and beginning readers could well look here for a treatment for that period of aimless fumbling that comes early in the practice. With a seasoned reader’s guidance on interpreting the fall of the cards, as well as explorations of their talismanic and ritual uses, The Oracle Travels Light is a significant and valuable text. It looks, unflinching, at why and how we work magic, and belongs in the hands of any who have ever contemplated these questions.

– Atticus Hob, Occulitst and writer at The Orphan’s Almanac (read the whole review there)

“A BURST indeed! .. of insight, energy, incisive truth-telling, and broad-reaching relevance. Subtle because of its nuanced insistence that we always have a choice .. to be aware, to shed what is cumbersome or superfluous, to challenge, to see. I stumbled across the tarot several years ago through a dream, in my dream-infused imagination I can only surmise that this brilliant book may be one of the reasons why. The Power of the Trumps A Subtle Burst is for anyone who longs to peel away the layers of guff that surround the Tarot, and begin to learn to use it as a tool to further their wisdom, intuition, creativity, and subversive intelligence. This is a miraculous jewel of a book. Thank you Camelia Elias!”

– C. Reed on Amazon US

“Tarot jazz…finger popping rhythms of vision! Here the tarot trumps are an instrument, being played by a master…think of Miles and his trumpet. If you get a chance, pick up the video lectures based on each chapter that were done in conjunction with this book. Read and/or listen in one sitting, if possible. I have done both and it really works.”

– Charles Webb on Amazon US (The Power of the Trumps)

“An energy bomb on every page.”

– Sherryl Smith on Facebook about The Power of the Trumps


Check some here: For Marseille Tarot or for The Oracle Travels Light or for The Power of the Trumps