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What’s best? When students and cartomancers send me gifts of appreciation.

miguel marques, camelia elias

Miguel Marques comes to visit and brings me a Devil from Portugal.

Edouardo sends me a a tattooed skull and cards.

marseille tarot, dragon, camelia elias

Karen Berglund sends me a dragon chalice and a gold coin.

Aitzie Olaechea sends me chop stones so I can stamp my calligraphy. She designed them and carved them herself using Shang dynasty script.

Dorian Broadway sends me hag stones and a hawk feather.

“Holy Fucking Shit! Every damn statement in my reading was so real, true and spot on, I could not believe what I was reading. You truly read the cards like the Devil. You shine like the sun and thank you for being you!”

– Debi Ann Scott, computer wizzard

“Your tarot readings? You will become an establishment.”

– Patrick Rowan Blackburn, Professor of Formal Philosophy, Roskilde University

“I cannot speak enough of how much I value the ability of your reading to encourage critical, open minded thinking. Foretelling the future is grand, analyzing the present is lovely, and remembering the past are all fine with the cards. But when you empower someone so that their vision grows beyond what it already is – when you open their eyes – that is true magic. I have complete confidence that I will find many new layers of depth to your reading as time progresses.”

– Dorian Broadway, stylist and ritualist

“I highly recommend everyone gets a reading done by Camelia. Not only are her readings dead on, but she performed them with such presence and compassion that you will want to cry.”

– Archie Chin Hung Leung, school teacher

“I had Camelia do a reading for my wife and me. Unbelievable. It was the best reading I have ever gotten regardless of system. I got a big reading where she read not only the Lenormand but also the Marseille. I never thought such few cards could give such enormous information and precision. It was about a very difficult set of questions regarding a political race my wife is in. The insights we received were beyond profound. It shook my wife pretty hard and made her think. Like a punch in her face – but a good one. I was concerned that the situation was too complex to get much help about. Boy was I wrong. If you haven’t had Camelia do a reading for you and something comes up, get a reading and let her advice roll you up in a big wet blanket and then beat you about the face and neck. But then come out the other side loaded for bear with a much better idea of how to proceed. Thank you Camelia. Much respect.”

– Kenrick Cleveland, MaxPersuasion

“You read my unconscious. Isn’t that amazing?”

– Drapi Arora, client and student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“Tarot is great! You made me discover it and I use it like a kind of psychoanalytic session. It’s incredible what it does to people, using the cards and old symbols to make unconscious things conscious.”

– Solange Leibovici, Professor Emerita, University of Amsterdam

“You are a great teacher. When you read, it makes so much sense to me. It’s so clear and obvious. I JUST LOVE the way you snap it together. You bring it down to its base message.”

– Mary Martha Collins, Visual Artist, USA

“I had no idea cards could be read with such fiery freedom, or that magic and cards could intertwine so naturally – the way you see the threads gives me goose-bumps.”

– Megan Amoss, Traffic Manager and Systems Analyst, USA

“Your cartomantic praxis and teaching has not only radically revivified my own methodology and success in “reading the damn cards”, it has also caused me to reflect on how I engage with the world creatively and spiritually at what feels like a pivotal moment.”

– Nathan Thompson, Writer and musicologist, UK

“I hope people realize just how good your predictions are.”

– Nicole Tulino, Italy

Best compliment ever: to receive surprise, but serious mojo from magical people.

Debi Ann Scott sends me power jewelry.

Autumn Whitehurst sends me protection devices, as above along Debi Ann’s gifts, and more mojo.

camelia elias, lenormand

Bonny Filosa Howe sends me runes Lenormand, incense, and a portrait of my she-dog goddess Frigg.

Amy Denisson sends me a Buddha board, a monkey mind and hands.

Debi Ann Scott sends me lots of cards.


B E F O R E  T H E  C L A S S

“Just signed up for this webinar series by Camelia Elias. I’ve read both her books, taken an online class from her, and am prepared to have my mind blown and my reading style transformed.”

– Sherryl Smith on Tarot Heritage, student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“You talk a lot about reading the cards like the Devil. When I first saw those words, I immediately reacted by shouting, YES. Camelia, at that very moment I grabbed my deck of cards and went to the local cemetery I frequent and knelt beneath a sacred tree there and yelled into the wind: ‘I want to read the cards like the Devil’. Camelia, I want to read the cards like the Devil. I WILL read the cards like the Devil. I can’t thank you enough for offering this course and sharing your wisdom and magic. Thank you thank you thank you.”

– Kayla Elizabeth Cole, Tarot reader and student in my Cards and Magic Class

“I’ve been working with cards for almost 13 years now, with some knowledge that the devil’s in the detail, but nowhere have I found so much careful attention to the storytelling and magical creative aspect of reading than in your blog. Thank you for the opportunity.”

– Jorge Cuaik, Astrologer and Tarot reader, student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“Camelia, you are the Scarlett O’Hara of cartomancy. A girl who bucked convention and did things her way, using her will and guts. . . and with great lipstick!”

– Annie Kaye, Student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“I’ve literally been looking forward to this class for months. Camelia Elias transmits tarot in a way I can feel in my bones. Her two books on the subject are pure gold. And I have zero doubt this class will be rich with real life magic. I’ve already snagged my seat (I didn’t even read the sales page. I paid + *then* circled back to take a peek). If you’re interested in tarot + magic, clickclick. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

– Fabeku Fatunmise, Shaman and Sorcerer, and student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“I signed up for the Cards and Magic Online Class. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have been reading cards for over 25 years and Camelia has completely refreshed and focused my reading style. Get in while you can… Camelia, you are a BAD WITCH, and a great teacher.””

– Jason Miller, Strategic Sorcerer at Inominandum, student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“I just checked out your class – I’m a Tarot reader myself and your offering looks nothing short of bewitching, original, and fabulous. So, naturally, I signed up!”

– Nirmala Nataraj, writer, editor, coach, Tarot reader

“I took the Tarot and Magic class that Andrew Kyle McGregor put together and Camelia’s class on sigils was incredible. If this course is anything like that it’s worth every penny and then some. I just signed up.”

– Ellen-Mary O’Brian, student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“I have no specific expectations except to learn from your vast experience of reading down to the bones and magically. To shift from the Monkey Mind and textbook logic, and move into openness, mystery and magic. What you have to offer, I want to learn.”

– Debi Ann Scott

“I am so signed up for the ride! Yay! What I am really looking forward to is your direct approach to producing a method and make it work.”

– Markus Pheil, experimental physicist and Druid

“Very much looking forward to the course. I’ve already been so inspired and nourished by your books. Most definitely ready to rock”

– Langston Kahn, Shaman, and student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“What really attracted me to your class was the whole idea of owning my readings and not doubting myself. I can’t wait for the class to start.”

– Ro Molina, New York, and student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“Why have I signed up? Because you have good juju. I sense there was a very powerful spell behind your words. Plus, all the cool kids are signing up to this one. I don’t want to miss out on all the fun.”

– Cristina Castanedo, Mathematician, and student in my Cards and Magic Online Class

“I wandered onto your website and saved it, read through it, put my name down to work with you and then devoured your book, The Oracle Travels Light. The chapter on soul work is more teal, le pen markings than print. I want what you have with the cards. You ask better questions and get better information. I want it, so I signed up for it.”

– Erin Clark, writer

A F T E R  T H E  C L A S S

“The class was very well-organized, excellently presented, with a perfect balance between theory, card reading, and ideas for magical acts. I hope you package it and sell it to the public. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. As your words washed over me during that last session, it felt like an initiation, or a direct energy transmission. I felt bathed in that mysterious, inexplicable energy that underlies all acts of divination. I would rate this class with an A+, gold star, and blue ribbon. I’ve been going to classes, conferences and workshops for over 20 of my 40+ years in tarot. This class is one of the most unique, energizing and mind-bending experiences I’ve had.”

– Sherryl Smith

“Everything Tarot that Camelia touches has a revolutionary edge. Why is this? While she knows ancient histories and methods, her outlook is contemporary, and her answer is as fresh and vibrant as a newly blossoming flower. She brings real magic to her reading for you, only you, and today. Whether you use her answer or not, you will know that from a Master of the Cards you have received Wisdom, and that is enough. If you love Tarot yourself and would like to learn a few of her precious secrets, take this course, and chart your way to breakthroughs. Become her revolutionary colleague.”

– David Smith

“Camelia was not only incredibly responsive to students’ questions; she was gracious enough to personally respond to almost every query and quandary that her students posed. Not an easy task, given that she had over 100 (mostly active and inquisitive) students to deal with! The teachings themselves were extremely multi-layered and have offered me hours upon hours of practice and discovery, but the environment of the Facebook group was equally profound. The conversations that unraveled, and Camelia’s facilitation of rigorous inquiry, made for an experience that was deeply engaging. I am not sure that would have been possible without her passion as a reader and spiritual teacher.”

– Nirmala Nataraj

“Cards and Magic gave me so many things to appreciate that it is almost impossible to condense to one or two things. It taught me how to detach from attachments and read the cards in context to specific questions. It wasn’t just a ‘learn the cards’ class, it taught me how to ‘be’ in my life and with the cards. The shared materials were highly professional, complete, covered every aspect of what was communicated in the class, and covered shared experiences within the group. I viewed Camelia’s teaching style more as a Guide than a Teacher. She freely gives information, and then helps you see for yourself via detachment. She never failed to respond and assist us. A safe space was created for posting assignments and group sharing which was very important to me. I never felt like I needed to hold back anything. Very liberating. The course was invaluable to me, as I received way more than the price of the class.”

– Debi Ann Scott

“There are many, many valuable things I’ve taken from this course: to stop and look at the cards, to develop a personal relationship with the images, to stick to the question, I had my confidence back with readings, improved my accuracy… I enjoyed the homework a lot, the questions we had to answer were loaded guns and created lots of insights. The Facebook group was quite an unexpected bonus: a wonderful, safe place with a real feel of community and learning from each other. The teaching style made the often information-dense material quite easy to follow; I was really looking forward to the fortnightly sessions because they were SUCH FUN; I even got emotional on the last one. After the course, you don’t end up reading the cards, you sing with them.”

– Cristina Castanedo

“I have spent a lot of money on courses that were crap… this was gold. I actually learned something! What I loved most about your teaching/reading style is the no BS. There is no way to help someone if we sugarcoat. I thoroughly enjoyed the class time… you are engaging and I love your laugh… just draws me in.”

– Kriss Lumsden

“As promised, I learned an approach entirely different to the way I have read up to now, with a kind of Tarot cards I had avoided like the plague thus far. My abilities of detachment have greatly increased, and so my magical results have gotten much better! I was sceptical at first about the size of the course, but Camelia showed she really does know how to manage a large class! I’ve felt better taken care of than I have in much smaller classes I have taken.”

– Shira Rechenberg

“The progression of the reading into magic was well, magical. I’ve never made so tight of a correlation between the two. They had always been separate processes before. Read the cards. Do the magic. Never, make magic while reading the cards. It definitely loosened up my style. I’m now more willing and confident in looking for the poetry and the subtle connections between things now. Awesome”

– Ames Hall

“The Devil him/her/itself would learn from this course.”

– Federico Andino

Gifts from students

Sage from Tara.

Resin from Turkey.

Book from Nirmala Edelstein written by her mother.

Cards and posters from Ryan Edward.

Books and art hand-written letters from Rachel Pollack.

camelia elias, richard

A samurai sword from Richard Fox, made from ash from his childhood forest and with a secret chamber.

camelia elias, magic teaching, nondualism, cards, cartomancy, absinthe

Absinthe from Jakub Vlasák, his secret magic.

Magic mirror, cards, sigil, Buddha, shaman from Veronica Chamberlaine


“More than the material, which was wonderful, I appreciated that our teacher was honest, tough, and compassionate. Without setting herself apart as an authority, she was still able to show us where we were going wrong. Camelia was generous and open, sharing her time and her experience yet never dictating how our magic should evolve. It would be difficult to ask for more in a teacher. Breadth and accessibility of material, the guiding presence of a supportive and dependable teacher, and the making of new friends – these are the ingredients for a transformative learning experience. I will be eternally grateful for having made the decision to enroll – Camelia, I want you to know that you are an inspiring teacher, and I am certain that your strength, goodness and compassion have made a difference in more lives than my own. Please keep up your teachings – I can’t tell you how much I look forward to exploring this path you have helped me discover. Thank you.”

– Peter Cole

“Thank you so much, Camelia! It is an honor to have studied with you. Your fiery heart and no-nonsense ways of cutting to the bone are inspirations to me in my magical practice and my daily life as well.”

– Megan Amoss

“I love the fact that you show up sans bullshit + serve up the real stuff without the fluff. No blahblah. Just let’s-get-to-it. That’s what I want. The meat. The bones. The magic. I also appreciated having the material in so many formats. I’d dip into various lessons in different ways depending on what I had bandwidth for as we went. And, as someone who believes-and-teaches that details matter, I appreciate the time you put into making the PDFs visually beautiful, as well as rich with smartness + shazam. I also appreciate that you’re serving up original material. Not the same snooze-ey reheated stuff. You definitely over delivered in this one, Camelia. From jump street, you were all in + stayed all in through the course. As someone who has seen a lot of online courses + who has helped hundreds of people plan-and-execute online courses, you definitely did a rare thing. The value of the course is infinitely greater than the price you charged for it. You did well presenting the body of work to an audience with a wide range of experience. Also no small feat. I recommended the course to my people before it started. And I’d recommend it again. Whether someone is interested in magic or divination, this course should satisfy both appetites. Beautifully done.”

– Fabeku Fatunmise


“Everybody, including the Devil, could sit and learn from Cards and Magic. Without exaggeration, this is by far the best course on the cards that I’ve seen in my life.”

– Serge Pirotte

“This course rocked my divination world. I have been a diviner for over 20 years. The tools and confidence I gained from this opportunity will guide me into the next 20 and beyond.”

– Emily Bolander

“The course was a great value all around. I imagine you must have a big crystal ball to see all of the students and our assorted demons we drag around. I look forward to taking more courses.”

– Maryann Jordan

“Simplicity. Directness. No fuss/no muss. To the point. This course has been the most helpful for me in simplifying my readings.”

– Ellen Worle

“This course was invaluable to me, I find it has been the best investment I have ever made. You are a wise teacher Camelia, and I treasure learning from you. This isn’t merely a course on reading the cards and magic, this is an approach to life, a philosophy.”

– Natalia Forty

“I will praise you in this life and all those that will come. This course has come to me in that perfect moment and it has helped me grow as a human being. The love, the peace, the community you have gathered emanates, it’s beyond words. You made me never doubt myself again, you made me discover my power and embrace it. My entire life has changed as my entire life perspective has shifted. But this is what you do, you practice your magic and you change the world. Continue to be yourself, to do your magic and you will always gather people around you who will take it further. You’re the master of cards and magic!”

– Andreea Rata

“I want to thank the Devil for appearing when you cut the deck one last time. That was a magical moment and all the endorsement you could ever need!”

– Gayle Luster

“The Devil must be proud.”

– Federico Andino

Gift from students

Bracelet from Monica.

Sigil, music, and talisman from Wendy Gadzuk and Patrick Belmonte.

Books from David Lane.

Cards and vodou cloth from Edmund Zebrowsky.

Tibetan prayer flags and notes from Pipaluk Weinhold Andersen.

Cards, coins, feathers from Roberto Perez.

When the students come to visit, they give me their souls.

The Eye of the Diviner all the way from Berlin from Cosmic Kollektiv.

Moksha Janraki carves walnut for scrying with a camel bone.

Merete Veian sends me cards and gloves.


“This was an absolutely amazing course, I had so much fun and learned so much in just a few weeks. Best course I have ever taken. Thank you so much!”

– Cecilia Sandberg

“I highly recommend signing up for one of Camelia Elias’ online courses sometime. She is the BEST. Her theory and method of reading cards is the most practical, ethical, and logical I’ve ever seen.”

– Laura Osborne

“I believe, hands down, that Camelia is the best cartomantic teacher out there! I appreciate Camelia’s preparation for class and how she gives freely of her time in the FB group to make a point or to answer questions or simply to point a student in the right direction with a little prodding. We always run past our time and then we still get Q $ A time too. What I love most is that after each class we get an email with the video, audio, pdf and chat files (thanks Bent). I’ve paid more for classes and gotten much less. Never again!”

– Judy Craven

“Camelia’s approach to both teaching and reading is direct. I have been reading RWS for 30 years and was stuck in a way of reading that wasn’t as useful to working with Tarot de Marseille. I took this class because I hoped Camelia would be able to break some of the habits I had built up to allow me to approach reading in a completely different way – and I was not disappointed. The teaching style and the materials were fantastic. The feedback on the FB page was very helpful – especially reading comments that Camelia left for people. Seeing where Camelia either agreed or disagreed with an interpretation was very helpful. I am so glad I took this class. Camelia is a fabulous teacher, and I look forward to being her student again in future classes.”

– Daniel Piper

“I learned to focus on reading the cards by disregarding everything that is not the cards. Practicing this discernment is an ongoing discipline to be honed, and this course provided valuable tools and exercises for developing this skill. Sincere gratitude for this. I want more! I have nothing but the highest respect and praise for your teaching style, philosophy, and intellect.”

– Tina Vasa

“I most appreciated the grounded, cutting insight into the Marseille. Actually into life, not just the Marseille. When I take your classes, what I get is FAR beyond a “how to” for a particular system of reading. It seems more like a way to see life. Everything seems to come from you in multiple layers of meaning. It is beautiful and elegant communication. Thank you.”

– Ken Cleveland

“I would like to thank you because I’ve had the greatest “spiritual” experience of my life during your course. It lasted less than a second and it was enough to sweep everything away. A real seppuku with the cards.”

– David Domart

“I appreciated the honesty and integrity of your teaching. You did not teach processes or methods; you taught through narration, philosophy, and example. I hate that. GOOD! I didn’t pay to sit in a comfy chair. Though I CRAVE methods, the withholding of step-by-step hand-holding forced me to stretch the brain matter into shapes I never knew existed. By taking this course, I was able to identify what I what I knew was wrong, but could never really vocalize. Your foundations course helped me dig deep and awaken these buried narratives.”

– Jesse Milton

“Taking Camelia’s course is a very magical experience. You learn everything as you have a good laugh with your classmates over the cards. You will learn everything almost effortlessly, only realising when you have achieved it.”

– Archie Leung

“I see the cards in a totally new way – I feel like the messages they give me are crisp and clear and I need to sharpen my observation skills. Thanks for an amazing experience.”

– Alex Lowe

“I most appreciate you took the time to look into students’ assignments and your comments are always brilliant and enlightening. I also appreciate your sharing of the philosophies (detachment, zen, get real…) behind card readings, this helps a lot in changing my views and how to deal with the fears and lack of self-confidence when I do readings for friends and myself. Dr Camelia, thank you, I couldn’t thank you enough. After taking your foundation course, all my friends said I just nailed it for them. I love your methods, it makes a whole lot of sense. I am #cameliad. I WANT MORE. I like the challenges and I am going to sign up all the courses you will be offering this year, including Lenormand and playing cards.”

– Livy Lee Li Yen

“I have found the logical, common sense approach that we study to be an excellent “grounding” point for my study of Tarot. Knowing the basics of a sensible, useable system allows me to evaluate other sources for myself, from a critical point of view. I can use my foundation study in Marseille to ask questions of all Tarot systems. One of the nice surprises that I found in the Marseille foundation class, was the weekly prediction exercise. I have come to a much better understanding of what fortunetelling is and isn’t from the class. I have dropped scepticism in favour of cautious acceptance. I feel the practice of fortunetelling was well explained and developed in the class. My own ideas will continue to evolve, but I now see fortunetelling as the real backbone of my cartomancy – I might have said previously that I was more interested in “psychological” Tarot. I look forward to continuing to learn and developing a multi faceted understanding of Tarot that includes occult, psychological and fortunetelling aspects in their due. I really enjoyed my time in the class, and I look forward to more. Many thanks!”

– Sterling Clavelle

“The layered structure of this course, the live videos, the recordings, the notes, the facebook group, all work together to flesh out the material and bring a level of understanding I would never have gotten just working on my own. Seeing other’s perspectives on the readings and hearing Camelia’s explanations for different interpretations in response to other classmate’s postings, helped me focus my understanding of the Marseille. The methods and practices are wonderful and have made me a better reader. I have taken all of Camelia’s classes and I still haven’t had enough.”

– Mary-Ellen O’Brian

“Your courses always stretch my brain and I am a better card reader because of it. I thank you for all that you do.”

– Veronica Chamberlain

“I loved the course overall, but I would say the aspect I appreciated most was having weekly assignments and then receiving Camelia’s feedback and insight (as well as those of other students) in the course group. Not only was receiving feedback myself helpful, but reviewing others’ draws and reading about them was useful too. This approach helped me to think about different perspectives from which we might view the interactions among the cards. I learned a lot in this course!”

– Cam Collins

“All I would say is the words you have said to us all this time – KEEP GOING! 🙂 One thing I will add – the *quality* of both the materials and the presentation, combined with your accessibility, friendliness and humor sets the bar for how other Online Classes should be conducted.”

– Steve Schreiber

“I appreciate your teaching of authenticity and the simple truth of learning to see the cards in context to the question, without judgment, and when seen properly gives us clear vision to the answers. When a teacher comes to her students through a genuine open heart, there is nothing a student can’t learn if they stay open, listen and see. It becomes a personal loving journey. Thank you for being that kind of teacher. A teacher I can continue to learn from and is always expanding the teachings.”

– Debi Ann Scott

“What I most appreciated and enjoyed in this course was your no nonsense approach to how to read. It is based on using your brain not someone else pre-determined definitions for all the cards. Your personality is so wonderful, sparkling and infectious. How can I not want to continue my studies with you!”

– Karen Hanson

“As always, Ms. Camelia’s cartomantic courses are worth more than the price. This is not just compliment and praise. Ms. Camelia has taken a self-avowed “I will NEVER understand the Tarot no matter how I try”, and changed him into a diviner-priest who actually kinda digs and sorta gets the Tarot de Marseille. For that fact alone I am most appreciative.”

– Myron Davidson

“I appreciated the time. We had live instruction with 2-way dialogue and questions plus interaction through the course group. The material of combinations of video, audio, slides, outlines, and outside links were fulfilling. The reaching was responsive. No question went unanswered. Almost every assignment had detailed feedback. Camelia also sculpted a community of readers. In terms of value, I compared to typical pricing of a reading, vs the course and the time and effort Camelia gives, well worth it. I would recommend this class not only to card readers but to anyone who wants a look at seeing as it is.”

– Robert Scott

“I really liked the very clear and methodical run through of all the core concepts and showing how they all fit together. Thank you. I’ve learnt so much.”

– Paolo Sammut


Radiant Reading lived up to its mission as an advanced class. Camelia posed many thought-provoking questions about the process of reading that went way beyond the “mechanics” of reading. I think the insights Camelia provides about connections between cards, and a sort of meta-reading of a reading, are her unique gift, and these insights apply to any deck or just any set of images.

– Annie Kaye

“The Marseille Tarot has been my traveling companion for a few years, I’ve read much of what’s available on it in English, and some of what’s available in French, and I’ve always appreciated the direct approach to reading the cards, free of the tyranny of fixed meaning. I use the Tarot with my coaching clients, and I use it as part of my work facilitating family constellations, I’ve even taught some classes on the Marseille deck. However, with Camelia I feel I am in the presence of a master. She is irreverent, funny, unpredictable, fierce when necessary, and totally inspired. And she has certainly inspired me. I feel that she has opened a door to help me take my work with the tarot to a whole new level.”

– Caitriona Reed

“I found Radiant Reading a captivating course that kept me engaged throughout while wanting more! Thank you, Camelia. Having embarked on this journey with you, since the Cards and Magic class and more so with The Power of the Trumps videos, something has shifted in me that I cannot explain. Could it be inner power? I don’t know, but it feels good! I am looking forward to our next encounter.”

– Aitzie Olaechea

“I could say I’ve learned stuff, but I ACTUALLY learned stuff. Capital A, capital C, capital T, the works. Thanks.”

– Miguel Marques

“A really great class, a friendly and supportive group of classmates. A course that teaches real magic and card reading, no fluff, no sugar coating, just get real and read the damn cards.”

– Jane Greenberg

“Focused, flavoursome & flagrant. Nothing is wasted, everything is on-point. Knowledge and wisdom delivered with humour always sings it home for me.”

– Melanie Lucia Oborn

“Gosh I don’t know that I can put into words how much confidence I now have around reading the damn cards! No divination, no arcane symbols to memorize, just straightforward reading of the cards.”

– Ann Lally

“Radiant Reading was a wonderful class….”advanced” without feeling snooty or exclusive, and no questions were considered “dumb” or laughed at. Just a logical next step from Cards and Magic. Thank you for being such a wonderfully warm, accessible, hands-on teacher. You demonstrate what you teach in your life, and I’m honored that you have chosen to share that with us, and I feel lucky!”

– Wendy Gadzuk

“Radiant Reading was dynamic and interesting. I loved the inclusion of pre-class assignments as that quelled my eagerness on the weekends there was no class. It kept the knowledge simmering. Amazing course by an amazing and illuminating teacher. Thank you for the work you do of teaching to go beyond in all our approaches.”

– Natalia Forty

“The course was a BALL! It was a fantastic experience; I was looking forward to the live-class meetings. This is not just a tarot reading class; it’s a mind-bending philosophy course.”

– Cristina Castanedo

“Your course was, once again, life changing, mind changing and inspiring. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

– Shira Rechenberg

“I think the creativity and verve you bring to both the lessons and your own practice was most inspiring to me. The course was fabulous – as expected.”

 – Amber McKee

“Everything was so good. Got my brains blown multiple times. This was a brilliant course.”

– Veronique Van der Mejden



“Camelia is a unique combination of artist, scholar, fortune-teller, and shaman. Her enormous knowledge, warmth, irreverence and humor, and her insistence that her students apply the same precise rigor that she demands of herself makes her an ideal teacher for beginner or experienced card readers alike. I have taken two classes with her (one on the Marseille Tarot and one on the Lenormand) and I look forward with excitement to more.”

– Caitriona Reed

“That was the best class ever for me (no kidding). I loved the intensity of having 1 lesson every week and the interaction over the FB group is fantastic. I don’t know ho to put a value on the class, it’s kind of priceless. You call this reading like the devil. I have the feeling we went to reading beyond the devil. Keep going with such classes, it’s fantastic.”

– Serge Pirotte

“At the beginning of class I did not have the confidence to call myself a reader of the Lenormand or employ anything beyond 3 cards for the most part. I appreciate the affluence of information in multiple formats. I feel confident now that I can “read the damn cards” rather than relying on some arbitrary ass list of meanings derived from I don’t know who or for what reason. I feel more connected to my genius & ability to formulate both a clear question & clear answer…then of course back it up. I bow respectfully in awe and gratitude for your succinct sharing of your skill and reasoning with respect to clear communication & education.”

– Laney Wells

“I came to Lenormand as a complete newbie, so what I appreciate most was the consistency in technique that I learned in your tarot class. This class just drew the lines further and I found that what I learned in this class bleeds over in my tarot readings. Your weekly classes were amazing. A gratitude as vast and expansive as the universe.”

– Veronique van der Meijden

“This course did something to my brain: it got FRIED; in particular, the ZEN assignments were killers. So many A-HA moments, so many epiphanies that I lost count. The Facebook group was absolutely wonderful, with plenty of interaction and feedback. How much would one pay to be able to connect the invisible dots that tie everything? Because I feel I can do that now. I didn’t care about Lenormand before and I’ve gone from not being able to string a pair of cards together to reading a Grand Tableau. After being in two minds before joining and being utterly blown over, I’ll join anything: advanced Lenormand, playing cards, the art of slicing watermelons…”

– Cristina Castanedo

“The course changes everything for me. It taught me how to read the damn cards and ditch the meanings received from other people, without going to the extreme of reinventing the wheel e.g. by drawing a card every day and record its meaning. After taking the course I have the confidence of reading the cards in any situation. I also love its focus on the question and context. It enables me to really answer the querent’s question and thus deliver what’s useful and precise, rather than getting lost in preconceptions and projections. The assignments were also a highlight of the course, especially the Zen ones. Camelia sets great assignments for us. Half of her assignments require us to pose and answer Zen questions. They help us to know more about ourselves and develop our skills as readers at once. The most important thing Camelia taught me is that we read cards for the epic, for the story and for the poetry in the cards. In the past reading was stale to me. Every card meant the same thing every time. It was so outright boring that I gave up the cards. In this course I learned how to see the flow and story in them. The cards are no longer static. They move and dance and sing. Reading cards become the funnest experience in the world, beating any card game like poker hands down. I’m grateful beyond words.”

– Archie C.H. Leung

“I really enjoyed so many things about this class it’s hard to pick one aspect. The teacher and her style are stimulating and challenging while also never losing sight of the pure fun and enjoyment of reading. The experience of sharing homework with the group and Camelia was enormously entertaining and I found my classmates to be very supportive of each other. Lots of learning happened for me both through class and the online interaction with my new pals. The course material itself is mind-blowing, and being someone with ZERO experience with Lenormand, I still found myself engrossed and soaking it up! This course was worth every penny and more. I’m very glad I signed up and hope for an opportunity to learn more from this wonderfully brilliant woman. Camelia is a wonderful, funny, and loving teacher who has no hesitation in saying what needs to be said. Straight.to.the.point. And then smiles that sunny, sardonic smile and laughs with glee, and I wouldn’t want it to be even a hair different.”

– Bonny Filosa

“I pretty much follow whatever Camelia does, because her penchant for poetic deep diving and samurai seeing suits me so well – but I came to the Lenormand not liking it at all, feeling like I was hitting a wall with card reading. Still, I wanted to understand them. I feel like things are clicking and falling into sync, and I’m falling in love; I’m also seeing how it’s helping my understanding with Tarot, and playing cards (and vice versa). I’m so blown away by lessons we’ve had here, the generous sharing and insights – it’s all coming together. Yay! Thank you!”

– Kimberely Arana

“I most appreciate your style of teaching. Upfront, honest and no bullshit! The shared material was very useful and helpful in learning the Lenormand, which was new to me. Your feedback was insanely helpful. I honestly didn’t expect to be reading it so quickly and this was a lovely surprise! I learned to read the damn cards using the function of the cards first along with the question. I definitely experienced and enjoy having more confidence in my readings. It also helped me to be a better reader with other cards as well. I’m looking forward to whatever class you may offer next. I’m in! A Faithful Fan! Thank you for all that you do!”

– Judy Craven

“As a complete Lenormand neophyte, I gained a great deal from the class specific to working with these delightful cards. I no longer stare at them blankly, wishing they were Tarot de Marseille. In a short time, I have developed genuine affection and respect for their humble strength. More generally, Camelia’s take-no-prisoners insistence on homing in on the bones of reading–question, image, function–all in a wide open space of creativity, creates a fertile tension between structure and openness, useful for me in all my card reading. The group was a gift in itself–warm and supportive, not only for assignments but also the inevitable ups and downs of life. I felt inspired by my fellow students and learned something from everyone. Also, I have limited tolerance for touchy-feely feedback that sounds nice but lacks substance or backbone, so I very much appreciated Camelia’s no-nonsense responsiveness on the facebook group. My absolute favorite is the tender irreverence Camelia brings to cartomancy, honoring the source while flouting the barnacles of convention that inevitably accumulate over time. Excellent!”

– Yeshe Francisco

“I never used the Lenormand before and I was totally shocked in the confidence I gained by applying your concepts and approach. It actually made the transition from Tarot to Lenormand seamless. Also, I learned I could pick up any type of cards and read them if I stick to the concepts and method. The answers are always there if I just look, like all the eyes on the Devil card. Learning anything from you is a gift to me. Your vast knowledge and down to earth concepts, methods and approaches to reading anything is solid, proven and works! You are not afraid to say it like it is and that is refreshing and appreciated. You really care to teach us and see us learn. That’s why everyone, including me loves you! You rock it Camelia!”

– Debi Ann Scott

“I learned how to “read the damn cards!” Your classses have impacted me beyond the cards. Thinking of the universe in terms of the philosophy you present has made me confident in my own power. I never expected to get spiritual inspiration from a card class, but my thinking has evolved. You, and the people you attract, are pure magic. Thank you for sharing yourself and bringing us all together. I’d sign up even if you were just reading the phone book.”

– Sarah Loutzenhiser

“The value is the highest for this type of course. I am new to Lenormand and so have no perspective as to “before/after”. The teaching style is passionate, brilliant, and perfect for me. I’ve taken the Cards And Magic courses and Radiant Reading, so I knew this going in. The Facebook page I include as an inspired part of the teaching style; it is perfect and so bloody helpful, and gives us a solid community that lasts beyond the class. The shared material is copious, you are wildly prolific and it seems so damned effortless. The best thing for me is that you never, ever, gave us a list of meanings for the cards. The pictures + the question is all I need, thank you so much for that. Thank you for your commitment to the classes, and your card reading style/philosophy– which is what I’ve been looking for for decades and I didn’t even know it.”

– Amy Lamont

“Praise. I am so excited to read the GT now along with other spreads you shared. A magnificent teacher who really listens and guides. Thank you, thank you a million times.”

– Joanne Toole

“I most appreciated the focus on ACTUALLY READING as opposed to accumulating information. It was a great shift in perspective. The shared material was perfect, everything was great, cannot fault a single thing. The course is great value, it’s pure gold. The course has also helped me to read the cards in such a way that I am less afraid of the results than I was before, which makes me very happy. I was always afraid of bad outcomes, and the Lenormand cards especially have always come across as a sinister and nasty bunch of misogynistic, nature hating little creeps, so your philosophy of card reading has helped me to dispel a lot of that cultural mist which does nothing but add bias in a really unhelpful way. We could all do with a bit of DECONDITIONING. Camelia, you have changed me. I am improved, unshackled. Well, I’m getting there. I’m shaking off demons. For that I thank you wholeheartedly.”

– Nirmala Edelstein

“I appreciated Everything in the Lenormand class! Shared material, teaching style, and shared experience. Excellent. The value was priceless. My readings have become more logical and grounded. I would say The Camelia method/style is the only way to read the damn cards! Camelia’s logical approach to the cards, forcing one to think in terms of semiotics is the best way to see and relate to being able to read them with clarity, and precision. Thank you for this gift.”

– Karen Berglund

“As with all of your classes and teaching style, I love throwing away ‘the book’, as it hindered my ability to read better for years. I went from feeling as if the Lenormand was a foreign language to, within a matter of days, feeling like I’m on my way. It’s like magic, I tell you! I greatly appreciate your attention in the FB group, and also your style of teaching – you don’t just hand over answers, but point the way for us to find them for ourselves. This generates confidence like nothing else can. Gold. You go deep and teach us to swim – that’s my favorite way to go (instead of follow the numbers which is so damn boring and not true wisdom). I also love how you share in the classes layouts from students, and dissect them so we can learn all the more. Interesting to note, something about the Lenormand classes helped me have breakthroughs all the more with my tarot reading. I attribute this to your style of not relying on intuition – I think this was my Achilles heel, being a psychic-medium by trade I assumed I was *supposed* to use it, and now I see how it actually was holding me back (I was relying on it). I feel *freed* from that and my readings have far more precision and clarity. Read the damn cards indeed! Always, deep gratitude for all the reasons above; I recommend your classes, blog and books to everyone.”

– Kimberely Arana

“Once again, you teach fearlessness in approach and mindfulness in method. If we have been indoctrinated elsewhere otherwise, you invite us to question everything. The punk in me just loves that: Question authority!!! And by your example in critiquing, we learn to see anew, to look honestly, to be direct, to deliver honestly. I feel that your approach in cartomancy is single handedly reforming card reading around the world, away from the overlay of filters of symbolic occult thinking begun in the 60’s. What a gift! Bravo! Don’t stop. I knew, being at an intermediate level (10-15% hesitancy/fear), that I would get past that in this class, because this is what your classes always do: Teach us to jettison doubt, fear, hesitancy, and guessing, and our precious non-existent selves! I love how you have us honestly asses where we are in the beginning, (via your pre-course questions), and take us madly into the fray with thorough classes, assignments, and intense homework critiques. I am deeply grateful that I can afford your classes. I always marvel at how much you invest in your classes. Your classes are not the run of the mill: They are stellar because you pack them with information over many weeks. No, this class is not the usual regurgitation of the usual ‘traditional’ cartomancy crap. Most importantly, I learned that I can read the Lenormand in the same way I read other oracles: with a small nod to tradition, yes, OK, but you encourage us to simply notice the obvious, to look in the usual Camelia Elias way for agency, function, relationship, direction & connection. This class, as do all your classes – taught me fearlessness in method, alternate and interesting layouts, and observation as poetry. In fact, you have reinforced my way of creating a small poem at the beginning of all readings now, made only of what is apparent, not surmised. To say this out loud to the client, I’ve noticed, jogs the person to hear something, and to question and apply it to themselves. This is so much more powerful than my ‘interpretations’ could be! While I was only doing this short verse poem for my readings, now I confidently read like this for others as well. Also, I love your bird’s eye view, broad, open gaze method at the beginning of a large reading, to notice what shouts out, and then to first read freely, without worry of linking or mirroring, as a first step. This has built confidence in me, like literally, jumping off of that high precipice and discovering that your wings really do work. I had never tried that method like that for Lenormand; it was fun to feel it happening. I am practicing that lots now. I am noticing too that I can base questions from this first blush – and be steered toward a more intimate reading. I also love how you ask for feedback after your classes; this is true Zen. You inspire a punkster way of questioning everything while doing what you love. I cannot tell you how powerful this has been in having me confirm/question my own approach in life.”

– Tara Linda

“As with all your courses the Lenormand class is most enjoyable and educational. I feel that because of this course I have a greater ability to help bring out the poetic truths within a reading. Learning to ‘de-code’ the pre-coded notions in ones brain. You are a wonderful teacher and such a great voice in the tarot world today. Sometimes maybe the only sane voice out there.”

– Edmund Zebrowski

“Camelia, you are one of a kind. You are not afraid to be yourself and you do not need the approval of others. You are a maverick, a pioneer, a rebel in the field of cartomancy. I love your articles, too. You write so very well on subjects that have been long neglected. Your perspective is a breath of fresh air! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Thank you for being you, Camelia!”

– Carolyn Leah Maas

“It is obvious why your students adore you, you are most generous with your information – delivering with such fun and laughter that the students don’t quite realize until attacking the homework just how much has been imparted in class! The atmosphere of shared tribal gathering combined with no-nonsense teaching delivered with a discipline tempered by strength and heart. You bring fun and laughter without watering down the content. The “all hands on deck” approach from the class members jumping right in to help one another with the weekly assignments is a huge and valuable addition. I’ve been studying, teaching and performing divinations of every shape and flavor for many decades, as have you. The concept and approach of “read the damn cards” is a delight, to park a thousand kabbalistic diagrams and eastern/western attributions in the central hub and follow the visual flow of the moment is another kind of discipline and I am pleased to play in it.”

– Jodi Snyder

“This was a priceless time. However it sounds—I’d pay triple for studying with Camelia! GT feels so much easier—I just enjoy looking at MORE cards which is a huge success! I’ve always felt like 9 cards may be more accidental than all 36 (hilarious, I know), laying pretty in their positions, so gaining confidence in reading GT is my beloved success. Thank you for being on this earth at the same time as me. LOVE YOU.

– Marta Spendowska

“Camelia, your courses are “Open Mind Courses” and, of course, Lenormand had this effect on me. You show me not only how to read, but how to think. This is priceless. But what I love most is the Fearless. You teach me I have nothing to fear. Thank you so much. I think the method is amazing. And I can say that everything you show me make changes in my life. At the end of each class, I had a feeling that my brain is a little bit different. I call it the “Eureka Feeling”. I love it. A huge THANK YOU! I love your energy, and your dedication. Thank you so much for everything. And don’t forget to write my name on your list of eternal student.”

– Elaine Trinidade

“What I appreciated the most about this class was how it was presented, literally given to us as a most precious gift wrapped up in joyous spontaneity! My readings have shifted after taking this course. I was going towards intuitive readings with the Rider Waite deck, hoping to get more out of it when now I finally realized that the Le Normand cards are the proper conduit to fortune telling, which I had no access before and found them too simple, when in reality it is the simplicity that opens wide the doors to divination. The shared material was super original and spectacular, sweetly flavored with delicious moments of Zen throughout. The shared experience of posting in the group was heart warming, exciting, extremely productive and quite addictive! This course is beyond priceless! It is everything I have been looking for since I was a child and could not find anywhere else, as no one has the know-how and the ability to really teach with grace and pure brilliance as Camelia does. Camelia, you have my forever gratitude! I will be here for all other classes! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for giving it all and not holding back, for being your original genius self, filled with bliss and so much to teach us!”

– Gina Luna


“Perfect. The advanced course elaborated so well on what was started in the foundation course. For me the most essential was the work with the houses, and just more about reading what we see, of course.”

– Sarah Loutzenhiser

“This not only gave great illumination to the foundation course, more understanding of the huge meal that was foundation, it also gave confidence in the utilizing, in the doing, far beyond the basic course. I consider the Advanced to be necessary beyond the Foundation (and more Advanced classes, please!). The format is always perfect, and I’m very comfortable with it. The content was speedy, full, was a reach but stretched one just the right amount. I am so very grateful for your classes! I am honored to be learning from someone who has read and learned and practiced and thought deeply about these methods…. instead of someone spitting out to me robotically what they learned from another, who probably learned from books and rumor and reactionary repeated systems that have not been tested and vetted. I love that you mix logic with intuition with current of spirit with tradition with studied symbol with skepticism with assuredness of possible syntax, topped with zen, framed in nonduality. With all those ingredients and more, out pops a beautiful testable result. Figurative whip in hand, accompanied by your melodic soothing laughter, you read the damn cards like the Devil, one foot dancing back and forth from duality to non, while leading us to do the same illuminating dance.”

– Kat Schlitz

“The course was “canela fina” (pure cinammon, it means something extremely valuable and of the highest quality). The content was beautifully explained; I particularly liked when actual examples were selected to unpack and were thoroughly dissected. It’s easy to miss things when you’re learning and the examples used helped tremendously. Also, the homework (the assignments that I have completed at least) has been sneaky, they seem to be about flexing your cartomantic muscles and make you go through all the gymnastics of looking at the combinations within a GT; however, they were much more, they made you examine your life, your heart. Deep stuff. This is not just about learning to read Lenormand or any other divinatory system. You do end up reading the cards, alright, but you learn so much more. You learn to think and to laugh. And the Facebook community is truly wonderful.”

– Cristina Castanedo

“Mind opening in a fabulous way! I have learned profoundly a lot and I also learned that there is always more to be learnt with Camelia. This class has been a true journey for us all where we brought our minds and hearts realizing our unconscious and conscious desires through the cards (and that of others), uncovered the absolute truth and re-discovered what it takes to be a real fortuneteller. I am eternally grateful and will be with you for all the courses ever! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!”

– Gina Luna

“You are generous with your content. I particularly liked the fortune tellers foxy tricks this time! The GT is like Google… never-ending. All telling.”

– Gayle Luster

“I now have an amazingly solid grounding in Lenormand. I love that you cut to the chase, and that you favor clarity over a rigid system; and that you are fluid, spontaneous, AND precise. Camelia has the ability of a true teacher — to make the profound radiantly simple. Her delight in the cards is contagious. Yet, despite her experience and knowledge, she is never anything but encouraging and supportive.”

– Caitriona Reed

“Loved this course. The format was clear and comprehensive, the exercises were very educational, challenging, and provocative. Camelia you are a great teacher and a fabulous personality. Your knowledge and focus are amazing, and I’m very grateful for those things as well as the group environment you’ve also provided for us to work and practice in. It seems your brilliance and good nature are contagious!”

– Bonny Filosa- Howe

“I am always impressed with Ms. Camelia’s way of teaching and bring everything into the present. The no frills approach reminds of my grandmother (my first rootwork mentor…may she be in God’s hands). She always told it like IT WAS, not how people wanted it to be. She also taught me all the frills and elaborate stuff is usually for people who know no better. These qualities that Ms. Camelia teaches are not only refreshing, but are damn accurate and WORK. I add the title of Ms. to Camelia’s because in my tradition this is a title of highest respect for those who know their $%*t. Keep going Ms. Camelia, you do not know how many of the older root workers, santeros, and Paleros I have shared your videos with and ALL of them say and I quote, “This white girl knows her $#!t”. Where I come from that is a true and high honor.”

– Myron Davidson

“I very much liked the distinction between the “okay” reader’s approach and the “advanced” reader’s approach to the same cards. Because in the end you ‘use a method until it no longer makes sense to do so’, I think going through as many examples, in as much depth as possible, is really the most essential thing – learning by example and osmosis. What I found most valuable was the emphasis on selecting, from the plethora of information the GT offers, only that which supports the question and its context. What I found most original and fun were the “foxy” assignments – they are a whole other creative avenue of exploration with the GT (or any spread really).”

– Annie Kaye

“As always, mind blowing! I’ve enjoyed all the teachings from our great teacher Camelia as well as from all my fellow students who never seem to hesitate to pop in to help you out.”

– Judy Craven

“It was like climbing stairs toward the sky…every class was one step closer to the ultimate. I’m a better reader now than I was before the class…and looking forward to continuing the climb. The improved technique for reading a grand tableau was essential. The process is smoother for me, I have deeper understanding of how to interpret the cards, and how to relate them to the question and tie them to the significator(s).”

– Beverly Frable

“Like always, Camelia’s instruction taught me the essentials and how to use them, and how to pull it all together without getting lost or rambling down woodpaths. I cannot recommend the course highly enough to anyone who would grasp the Grand Tableau and wield it as a powerful divinatory tool, improve their skill with Lenormand in general, and deepen their practical understanding of the principles and techniques essential to success in any and all forms of cartomancy. Camelia is truly the very best of the very best!”

– John Felczack


“I’ve been looking for a course like this for a very long time. For one thing, it opened up an avenue of perspectives that helped tremendously in my readings. These readings are no longer one dimensional. They have come to life in 3-D! I loved everything about this course. The class itself, the interaction and the experience was priceless. I have learned to look with new eyes and that was my goal. Camelia has taken us to a whole new dimension that changed everything in regards to how I approach the cards to challenging everything I thought I knew about the cards. I have never enjoyed a class as much as I did this one. Anything that Camelia has to offer is gold and I am open to it all.”

– Rita Moore

“VERY VALUABLE COURSE FOR ME. Since I had taken your Marseille and Lenormand courses, this one sort of completes the “circle”. Outstanding presentations, as always. I really like the way you do this.”

– Charles Webb

“Simply brilliant, I’m learning a new way with the playing cards; having not read them before. Though I’m accustomed to them from playing card games since childhood. The value is beyond monetary value, it’s a whole new way of learning, listening, and interacting. Materials great, I worked mostly from the PDF and topped up with recordings. I think I know each page of the PDFs where to find information. I’d always cross reference when completing assignments. Really enjoyed the group feeling/contribution on FB. I had three clients during the class I took a chance and used the playing cards, (I mentioned to someone that I’m learning the PC and I’m using them with these clients). The reply was, ‘how do you know if you’re right if you’re only learning.’ I just smiled and thought I’ll read the damn cards!”

– Jane Greenberg

“Amazing class! I was able to bring my reading skill to a new level through your philosophy.”

– Geoff Kruegger

“Amazing to feel confident about reading with playing cards in so little time. Realizing that there’s a lot more to learn while at the same time in no way being intimidated or limited by that realization. Camelia has the ability to make complex subjects accessible without compromising their richness and depth. Her teaching is both practical and profound, and her grasp of Cartomancy continually astonishes and delights.”

– Caitriona Reed

“What I like most is your clear, crisp, common sense and to the point teachings. I always have AHA moments in every class, which always furthers and enhances my reading skills. There are too many to list. The reading materials are superb and so detailed that I can always review and understand what I may have been foggy on. The course is invaluable. No where else could I receive the knowledge and passion for the cards you impart to us all. The last class was so much fun and I learned a lot from all the interactions. Thank you isn’t even enough! ”

– Debi Ann Scott

“I am so marveled by this course and I have learned so extensively much that now divination has taken a major front role in my life, which I always dreamed of, but lacked the precision that only glorious Camelia has infused in my brain; and instead of fortune telling being just a hobby, it is becoming as I type this, my most important profession!”

– Gina Luna Josephs

“I always appreciate your “no nonsense” style of teaching. Anytime I start to feel uncertain I hear your voice saying “Just read the damn cards!” haha And, besides your wonderful teaching, my classmates are such a fantastic group of wonderful cartomancers. There is no way I could spend time with them and not keep learning. A fantastic and welcoming community. Camelia, you always bring me back to a place where I remember what is important and what is NOT important. Clarity is what comes from this remembering. Big thanks to you for your wisdom and your zen! So appreciate everything I’ve learned in this class and the others that I’ve taken with you. I’m grateful for the privilege of studying with you.”

– Cindie Chavez

“I enjoy reading simple cards, and seeing the essentials. I find the playing cards, the clearest for reading. Then I go to the TdM for more information, and finally the Lenormand for the ‘story’. The playing cards are like the door opening up to a grand ballroom of people all doing their thing. An instant glance at what is going on…but….you need to go and see and hear and feel more, and the Marseille Tarot gives me the details. The value of this course is immeasurable, because of everyone’s own sights and values. But for me, it was the perfect course, which brought together the three sides of reading, ‘the triumvirate,’ the father, the son and the Holy Ghost of reading like the devil.”

– Moira Thompsen

“I want more. Of. Everything. My current challenges are burnout, when I look at cards and see nothing at all. I end up needing a break and then I’m fine. And then trying to figure out what style fits me best for readings. My old way of doing things, or more of Camelia’s ways. Camelia is an amazing teacher. Her knowledge and ability to impart that knowledge are both prolific. All done with style and humor.”

– Bonny Filosa Howe

“I really enjoyed the details of the system itself. Is it a health question? There’s a suit for every part of the body. What about a yes/no, or when a spade can also be a yes instead of the usual no? Rules and foundations, then you bend them to suit the context. The idea of ‘context is key’ is profoundly enlightening for me. Refer back to the question and I find my precision is automatically refined. The teaching style was surprisingly beneficial. In my schooling we are taught there are different types of learners (audio, kinesthetic, rhythmic, and more). I normally do poorly with audio in-take, but being able to cross-reference it all with video, pdf, and the Facebook group helped me fill in the gaps I might have otherwise been left with had only one method been used. The value was well over $150 – priceless even. Of course if you take that and run too far with it I may not be able to afford many more. Ha!”

– Dorian Broadway

“The Facebook group is fantastic: lively and with lots of interaction; the live classes, superfun. The teaching style is not lovey-dovey, unicorns and kittens, but the truth, naked. There has been a subtle shift in my reading style; I know I’m not dancing tangos like other alumni but I’m not scared of dance my own way. It’s a great course, a great experience. Please madam, I want some more. The sharpening of the sword never ends. Neither does the hunger. Thanks, sensei, for your time and your beatings with the zen stick.”

– Cristina Castanedo

“I really like the old spreads that were shared with us, that was one of the things I was looking forward to, right off the bat. And I have been wanting to learn playing cards for a while, but was not sure what set of meanings to choose. This method eliminates any concern about that and opens up the way to try different things. You are a compassionate, compelling teacher. You did not come across as pompous or full of yourself, which I thought you might after reading your writings, no, you are an eloquent person who conveys a real love of teaching the material and concern for the long term benefits to your students. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in playing card cartomancy.”

– Bob Decker

“Using playing cards can be just as in your face as even the most complicated forms of divination. The reason I keep enrolling in Ms. Camelia’s classes, is that I learn something new or relearn an aspect of reading I previously forgot or stop doing. I view these classes like continuing education. Like physicians (of which I am one), diviners have to keep our skills honed and always at the forefront, no matter if it is basic or advanced; whether in our field or not. Ms. Camelia, you have student for life.”

– Myron Davidson

“What I learnt is a method of perception that I did not see before. I almost want to make a wisecrack here about you stepping through doors in the spiritual realm as in American Gods, and ending up nowhere near hell if anyone directs you there. Camelia, as a teacher you are warm and funny and your transmission comes through powerfully through cyberspace and you are clearly unwavering in your strength.”

– Ce Cuauhtli Yanez

“Absolute praise, thank you for getting real, calling mediocre out. Kicking my ass. ❤️”

– Barbara Skarie Greiner


What is not: Marseille Tarot à la carte
Divination with cards: A short history

“A fire wasn’t lit under me until I read Camelia Elias.”

– Carla Tate, at Rowan Tarot

“MARSEILLE TAROT: TOWARDS THE ART OF READING, is even more amazing than Camelia’s blog. Her manner of writing reveals the cards in a more intimate way than I have ever seen in another book. The meanings are all there of course, but so is a list of what that card might mean when it appears with others – a feature I have not seen in Tarot books before, and one which gets to the heart of this style of reading [. . . ] If you are at all interested in the Marseille Tarot, or even just in a more natural, fluid, and down-to-earth style of reading whatever deck you currently use, this book is a must have.”

– Jason Miller at Inominandum

Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading is a must-have addition to the bookshelves of anyone who works with historic decks and unillustrated pips. The author has given profuse examples of divinatory encounters, giving both question and card response with laconic vigour: Camelia is not a reader from the school of tarot longeur!  The cards speak cartomantically and colloquially, with a ‘take it or leave it’ speed, which is very much to my own taste.

– Caitlin Matthews at Soundings (read the whole review, as it covers both my cartomantic books)

“Dr. Elias is a cartomancer, through and through, and the Tarot is the body and blood, carrying the spirit of her teaching. Even experienced card readers can expect to find valuable insight, and beginning readers could well look here for a treatment for that period of aimless fumbling that comes early in the practice. With a seasoned reader’s guidance on interpreting the fall of the cards, as well as explorations of their talismanic and ritual uses, The Oracle Travels Light is a significant and valuable text. It looks, unflinching, at why and how we work magic, and belongs in the hands of any who have ever contemplated these questions.

– Atticus Hob, Occulitst and writer at The Orphan’s Almanac (read the whole review there)

“A BURST indeed! .. of insight, energy, incisive truth-telling, and broad-reaching relevance. Subtle because of its nuanced insistence that we always have a choice .. to be aware, to shed what is cumbersome or superfluous, to challenge, to see. I stumbled across the tarot several years ago through a dream, in my dream-infused imagination I can only surmise that this brilliant book may be one of the reasons why. The Power of the Trumps A Subtle Burst is for anyone who longs to peel away the layers of guff that surround the Tarot, and begin to learn to use it as a tool to further their wisdom, intuition, creativity, and subversive intelligence. This is a miraculous jewel of a book. Thank you Camelia Elias!”

– C. Reed on Amazon US

“Tarot jazz…finger popping rhythms of vision! Here the tarot trumps are an instrument, being played by a master…think of Miles and his trumpet. If you get a chance, pick up the video lectures based on each chapter that were done in conjunction with this book. Read and/or listen in one sitting, if possible. I have done both and it really works.”

– Charles Webb on Amazon US (The Power of the Trumps)

“An energy bomb on every page.”

– Sherryl Smith on Facebook about The Power of the Trumps

“I’ve been enjoying The Power of the Pips very much – I think it may be your best yet: there’s so much in it that’s distinctively Cameliaesque. The combination of laser-sharp precision with the freedom of ditching cultural accretions is powerful and compelling. You really take reading by the scruff of the neck and shake it free of the nonsense (literally) but at the same time let the pips speak for themselves. It’s great.”

– Nathan Thompson, on The Power of the Pips