R E A D  L I K E  T H E  D E V I L  –  A N D  B E Y O N D

A new, advanced class in reading with the Marseille cards


(Radiant Reading will be offered again after summer 2017)



He does what you do: Check your list of things done.

After all, as many in the first rounds of Cards and Magic have already testified, you already read like the Devil – thank you folks, for the glorious reviews that state exactly that.

You now read the cards according to function not symbol. Check.

You now read the cards according to flow and symmetry. Check.

You now read the cards fearlessly and without whining. Check.

How excellent.

Now what?

Now that you own your readings, what do you do next? Relax? Good. But how does this relaxation manifest for you beyond the conceptual and the practical level?

How well do you sit with your cards, in your cards?

How important is the feedback from your clients to your own perception and awareness of what you are doing when reading the cards?

Are you afraid of ratings? Do you desire only positive ones?

If you are not afraid and are not attached to others’ opinions of what you are doing, what is the premise for this attitude? Freedom or indifference?

How is your relationship with your inner judge, or the legion of inner judges? Do you have coffee with them, or do they make you tremble?

I’m asking these questions in light of the fact that one of the Devil’s chief tasks is to test your spine by inducing this delusion in you: ‘How cool everything is now! – when it’s not.


In this focussed course we will take care of ‘everything is cool’ when it’s not.

We will turn the table around and ask the Devil some questions that will make him want to hide.

We will dive with the cards into what resists us the most.

We will add the void to our list, and check that too. The Devil himself will show us how to deal with demons, ours and those of our clients.

We will learn to consolidate our practice of relaxing with the cards. Just like that.


If you catch yourself smiling every time you read the cards, either for yourself or for others, then you know the meaning of the devil relaxing. You don’t need this class.

If, however, you feel tension even in your relaxation, then you may want to share your practice of reading the cards with likeminded folks, who aim to strengthen their method and attach to it the quality of easy-going.



Radiant readings that focus on developing your awareness of how to use connectors, placement, movement, spirals, and follow-up questions.

camelia elias, sacred arts


This class is based on written and visual online live encounters.

We meet 5 times. Once for a pre-class introduction to radiance and ‘meet and greet’, and then 4 more times, every other week.

Before each live class, I share a written lecture and example that zooms in on a specific topic. The online live encounter takes point of departure in this lecture. We snap up the point, and then follow it up with ad hoc readings. See the description of the format below.

What I aim for you to train, as you relax in your Devilish snappiness, is becoming familiar with 4 specific steps that raise your reading practice to art.

This means that you won’t just stop in Hell, where you can check your snappy list off, but go beyond.


In the land of radiance, we go beyond mechanics. Here is what I have in mind that we look at:

  • The art of looking through identification – What do I see? Focus on connectors.
  • The art of embracing through acceptance – How do I feel? Focus on a 17-card spread on disconnectors, and a 9-card layout on mirrors.
  • The art of contemplating through inquiry – Where can I locate what I feel? Focus on the straight and crooked path method of reading, movement, direction, gesture, and gaze in the Celtic Cross.
  • The art of relaxing through going beyond – Do I give a damn about fear, doubt, desire, and knowledge? Focus on the follow-up question, the general question and the specific answer in the Council of 13 layout.

That which seeks vision and understanding in the cards IS the cards.

Each session also focuses on a Moment of Magic and a Moment of Zen.

camelia elias, sacred arts

T W O – P A R T  F O R M A T

S E S S I O N S  E V E R Y  O T H E R  W E E K

P A R T  O N E

Pre-class homework.

  • I circulate before each class a focus text with a very specific idea that prompts a ‘field’ assignment.
  • The homework takes the form of reading a sequence of cards for a set concern in mundane or magical setting.
  • Each lecture features a ‘weird’ layout, such as the 9-card mirror connectors, the Council of 13, the Celtic Cross done the snappy way and more.

P A R T  T W O

In-class live online presentations, explorations, discussions, and questions.

  • Focus talk – less power point, more power presence.
  • Hands on the cards, just shuffling and spreading on the spot.
  • Student participation, just shoot your questions and show us your cards.

W H O  C A N  S I G N  U P

D E V I L I S H  R E A D E R S  W A N T E D

You took my course in Cards and Magic, the first or second run.


You have good command of reading with the Marseille cards. By ‘good command’ I mean the following:

  • You see the cards, trumps and pips alike, you don’t panic.
  • You deliver a message in a non-hesitant manner.
  • You are not afraid of what is ‘correct’ and what is ‘incorrect’, because this division is not your starting premise. And why is this division not your concern? Simply because you approach the cards from the position of looking at them, not from the position of imposing on the cards whatever esoteric, symbolic, or metaphysical meaning you happen to be versatile with.

You consciously practice what the Buddhists call ‘open mind, open heart’, which in secular translation means that you are curious, and approach learning from a non-judgmental position.

You consciously practice discernment and have a vigilant sense of distinction.

You are interested in going beyond the cards, diving into life with a force that scares even you. Or not. If you are relaxed.


Check out my answer to two questions about Radiant Reading.

Or, jump right in.

L I V E  W E B I N A R

Z O O M  I T 

The class will be a webinar, via the cool application based zoom that allows for live student/teacher interaction and direct video dialogue, rather than chat (no download charge for you).

In case you miss a class, no worries. All the sessions will be video recorded. The only thing you may miss is the opportunity to ask a question.

Off the classroom, there will also be interaction in a closed Facebook group, where you will have the possibility to exchange your experiences and readings.

A F T E R  T H E  F I R S T  R U N  


Radiant Reading lived up to its mission as an advanced class. Camelia posed many thought-provoking questions about the process of reading that went way beyond the "mechanics" of reading. I liked having a pre-class assigment to keep the mojo going.
I think the insights Camelia provides about connections between cards, and a sort of meta-reading of a reading, are her unique gift, and these insights apply to any deck or just any set of images.


The Marseille Tarot has been my traveling companion for a few years, I've read much of what's available on it in English, and some of what's available in French, and I've always appreciated the direct approach to reading the cards, free of the tyranny of fixed meaning. I use the Tarot with my coaching clients, and I use it as part of my work facilitating family constellations, I've even taught some classes on the Marseille deck. However, with Camelia I feel I am in the presence of a master. She is irreverent, funny, unpredictable, fierce when necessary, and totally inspired. And she has certainly inspired me. I feel that she has opened a door to help me take my work with the tarot to a whole new level.


I was extremely satisfied with Radiant Readings as an advanced course. What was taught tied everything together for me in a way that gave me confidence to read for others. Camelia: A Scholar with all cards and teaching. You are the teacher I wish I had in all my schooling. Your teachings are documented to perfection enabling the literal, poetic and magical to be understood. It takes a special talent to teach a group of people where they individually understand. Your classes are amazing and I will take any class you teach. It's a self-indulgent prize for me.


Camelia, your work is so in-depth that every time I review more is revealed. The pre-classes were the best preparation. Your readings are deliciously magic. To think I really didn't believe in Tarot before I took your class is mind-blowing. The best parts are listening to your laugh, watching you drink champagne and knowing these are probably the secret to your wisdom. Your classes are the most entertaining classes online I have EVER taken.


Can I say I felt enlightened and over my head at the same time? Well that is my experience. I am always in awe of how you make the connections with the cards and the action - and I always learn from you. This was a perfect follow up to Cards & Magic. Your classes are invaluable to me and I have gained so much from them over the past year. My insight and understanding of reading has grown in directions I did not know were possible and I know there is so much more I have to grow. I feel the magic of the cards daily. They dance for me and this is so magical. The world of reading the Marseille is so much more expansive than I imagined. You have shown me the cards have movement, have direction and have function. You are truly a fabulous and exciting teacher. Thank you so much.


Camelia's courses are like an academic process. After Radiant Reading I think I'm very close to my master degree and I'm already very anxious for my doctorate. The format of the class is great. I've learnt a lot in this course. The presentation of several cards in a spread has opened my vision of how to really read tarot. I'm free now! No more static positions, no more static definitions.


This was a course that went deep into my bones. I learned how to connect cards in order to enhance the story and to deliver what the cards are saying in a format that pulls the reading together. All the assignments brought me up to a higher level of reading the cards. Camelia's courses and lessons have helped me to be better at not only cards but with everything else in my life. I pay attention and have more clarity in my life.


Radiant Reading was a very effective advanced course. It exposed the way that you, Camelia, actually go about doing a reading... beyond the basic concepts... deeper into the "looking"... paying attention... common sense making connections aspects of readings... even using positional spreads. It busted everything up, then put it back together again... minus belief systems and preconceptions... plus your ever present toughness.


Every class /assignment has taught me to see the cards as they are not what I want them to be. To do the best I can to uncondition myself from all the shit! Thank you for your gift of knowing How to Teach and to show others How to See!


Great. I could say I've learned stuff, but I ACTUALLY learned stuff. Capital A, capital C, capital T, the works. Thanks.


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