RED TAROT, the Man in Black first edition limited to 100 copies, is ready to launch, but the time is not right. Countries are closing their borders, and the postal service is at a hazard.

So we wait. Meanwhile, enjoy here a snippet of the process that went into turning the Red Tarot into a talismanic object.

Each deck is accompanied by an inédit little red book containing unheard of ideas, yet classic. Each deck also comes with an individual calligraphy sigil for the protection of your vitality, scribbled on special, handmade paper.

I will make an announcement when the gates are open again. Hopefully sooner than we can predict. It’s the day of the spring equinox that I’m writing this.

Stay tuned, read like the Devil, be merry and full of life. Make art, or support the arts if you can, and bring beauty into the world. Grace and beauty is what saves us.

Keep going.

Camelia Elias