The Oracle Travels Light: principles of magic with cards

EyeCorner Press July, 2015

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This book depicts manifestations of folk magic, black magic, and practical magic as courage and everyday wisdom, and it demonstrates how reading cards can entice us to concrete magical action. It thus goes beyond reading cards for personal and spiritual growth and demonstrates how the cards create connections between people, from the living to the dead. It talks about objects magically landing in your kitchen, family secrets that get untangled in necromantic sessions, power and how we use it.

At the heart of the book is a guide to storytelling and spell-crafting with cards, demonstrating the transformative power of stories that makes us skilful in the arts of knowing, having, giving and receiving.


To an extent, this book can be considered a follow up on my book, Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading, though it obviously does a different job, as per the description above. Also, the reader of Taroflexions will recognize a few ideas. But these have been reworked to serve a much sharper point here. As such, the book presents the reader with new and original material, and it makes fascinating references across different magical discourses.

Fully color illustrated with the unique and rarely seen Marseille cards of Carolus Zoya (ca. 1790), and accompanied also by the author’s original art, the book is a delight to the eye.

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  • Magic in the Spine / 9
  • Magical Prompt: ‘I Knew It’ / 23
  • Bringing Down the Bowl / 35
  • Necromancy / 55
  • The Path of Magic / 77
  • Magical Morals / 89
  • Natural Magic: Four Rituals and a Soul / 109
  • Spellcraft: Basic Principles / 133
  • References / 164

Reviews on Amazon

“A mysterious, ancient, and at the same time “right now” recipe of riches bubble and brew in this new offering from Camelia Elias. The Oracle Travels Light is an earthy, evocative poetics of spellcrafting with cards in particular and magic in general. The magical path has been presented as an art-form, as well as a powerful action-form before, but rarely, in my experience, to such telling effect. Other books I have read about magic are written in prose and, while I am “in” them, feel prosaic even while being informative. This one also is written in prose, but while I was “in” it I felt as if I was wandering within a poem, not trying to follow some articulate but sterile explication or set of instructions. This one feels scholarly, yes, but, also muddy and sticky, like the shaman as she imparts the secret knowledge as she is rising from the swamp. The book itself is a potent spell well crafted.”

– CHARLES WEBB, Author and filmmaker

“The Oracle Travels Light: Principles Of Magic With Cards by Camelia Elias is simply the best book I’ve read in ages on magic. Not a ’101’, not an ‘advanced text’, not a ‘complete system’, not a grimoire, how to, or a guide to doing it the right way…this books is the actual real deal.

This is a book for those who would risk a finger at the loom with the Weavers.

What I mean by that is that The Oracle Travels Light is one of the few books that actually is about magic. Not how it once was, how it should be, how to do it safely, how to walk the well trod-path. It speaks to walking the path as you might actually find it (you, not me, Aunt Edna or Cousin Jack, or that Supreme Magus who lives down the lane), and to asking real questions (instead of the usual ones that lead to a forgone conclusion to suit yourself or the writer’s perception of what is ‘right and good’).

This book is a stick of dynamite disguised as a cigar waiting to be lit with three matches from the hands of a dead man.”

– AIDAN WATCHER, Talismanic jeweller. Read the whole review on TVEIRHRAFNAR

Other reviews and comments

The Oracle Travels Light deals with the magical use of the cards in reading, ritual and spellcraft.  Here the cards stand up, become hologrammic signposts, pointing the way to action and the implementation of their messages.  Reading the book is like visiting with Camelia: you lay some cards together, an issue is looked at, some solutions are signposted, and then you go out to the lake and do a ritual that brings that solution into total focus: float a paper boat, talk to the winds and hear their song, burn what needs to pass away.”

– CAITLIN MATTHEWS in Soundings (read the whole review as it covers both my cartomantic books)

“So apart from other reading I listed in my last post, I have been carrying around Camelia Elias‘s book “The Oracle Travels Light”. The reason I have not reviewed it yet is that I am still absorbing it. She just gets right at the quintessence of magic, but its not straight on. Its not twilight language or anything like that either. Just a way of explaining and narrating that teaches on several levels at once. I am reading little bits day by day and chewing on them.

I will post a full review soon but if you haven’t gotten it yet, get it. In short: The Oracle Travels Light is a damn heavy book.”

JASON MILLER on his Facebook Wall (September 1, 2015)

“Dr. Elias is a cartomancer, through and through, and the Tarot is the body and blood, carrying the spirit of her teaching. Even experienced card readers can expect to find valuable insight, and beginning readers could well look here for a treatment for that period of aimless fumbling that comes early in the practice. With a seasoned reader’s guidance on interpreting the fall of the cards, as well as explorations of their talismanic and ritual uses, The Oracle Travels Light is a significant and valuable text. It looks, unflinching, at why and how we work magic, and belongs in the hands of any who have ever contemplated these questions.

– Atticus Hob, Occultist and writer at The Orphan’s Almanac (read the whole review there)

“Once in awhile a book comes along that is not your typical “how to” book. The author combines magic, cards, intellect, simplicity, common sense and wisdom together to create a gorgeous little book that comes to life. This is a book that I will be keeping in my library and passing down to my daughter.”

– Nova, on Amazon US

“In the process of reading your awesome book, The Oracle Travels Light. I hate reading and can’t put it down.”

– DEBBI SCOTT on Taroflexions, commenting on my new post presenting a new class: Lenormand Grand Tableau: 7 Rituals

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