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I use cards as a window to actions free of culture, consecration, validation, and approval.

I use cards to tell unusual stories, de-mythologize too, and get to the core of ‘you’ as a construct.

I use cards to re-calibrate businesses too. I design models that put you and your employees in an authentic position, beyond cliché and blah blah.

I’m Camelia

Welcome to my world of Cards and Zen, delivered from Denmark with a Transylvanian touch.

I work with contemplative arts. I love problems, from math to pains in the soul. You have a problem, of any kind? I give you an idea to work with in 30 seconds flat. You go, ‘no shit,’ and that makes my day.

My training is in reading signs and sitting Zen. I teach people to read cards like the Devil, which is to say, I teach people to develop penetrating vision. If you have clarity, you have no problems. You’re Zen.

Ten years of teaching and researching at the university at tenured professor level, and conscious self-inquiry and investigations into the nature of the mind since 1984 is a fine combination I bring to my cartomancy practice.

Generally I’m interested in language and its oracular power. Oracles give us access to the present, which most people don’t live. Oracles give us access to spontaneous knowledge. That beats all other claims.

Cards are like a Zen master’s stick. They whack you over your head, pointing to what attitude is seated in you. Maybe you want to change that.

Experience Reading Like the Devil

Get my free entertaining crash course that will teach you not only the basics of reading cards, but also what it means to have penetrating vision.

camelia eliasCard examples feature:

  • Marseille cards
  • Lenormand cards
  • Playing cards
  • Modern cards

Philosophy of reading and of teaching

In my 20 years with the university, teaching critical thinking, language awareness, and writing, I would emphasize one point: Merely being direct, and using amplified hyperbolic markers does not equal being coherent.

Same thing in divination: The desired attitude of ‘telling it like it is’ does not automatically render you coherent. Think of the way you amplify certain concepts, or how you understate others. What is the purpose of each?

Answering such a question puts you on a coherent track, not directness, and not non-discerning bluntness.

Reading like the Devil means knowing exactly how the mechanism of desire works and what desire participates in transmitting.

Latest Individual Lectures in the Series

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The Power of the Trumps: A Subtle Burst

A pack of eight lectures, plus transcripts and a live Q&A.


through the eyes of others

An Idea to Work With


What excites me the most in my work is the possibility to give people an idea to work with. As a consultant, it’s easy to say to people ‘you do this, or ‘you do that’.

Some listen, and some don’t.

But if you give people the experience to think about an idea, then everybody scores.

Sometimes I record such ideas, and share them on my YouTube channel.

I like basic stuff. Stuff that’s obvious, and because it’s obvious only few notice it.

Here’s an example:

My approach to the cards comes from a rigorous Zen and Dzogchen practice.

I practice penetrating the obvious, silent or otherwise. I only say one thing: Get real. My bread and butter is the word.

I pose questions that make others remember what it’s like to be curious and spontaneous.

“Wow. That’s my first thought. This question is a big one, not an easy one, one that makes me feel overwhelmed just by looking at it. One that is confronting right from the start.”

– Pipaluk Weinhold Andersen, Holland, about a session in the Non Reading program.

What I’m good with

Problems. I love problems. The more complex and weird, the better. The more mundane also, the more exciting. Example:

Mathematician: ‘How can I formalize a proof for this theorem?’

Me: ‘Like this’.

Result: The professor formalizes his proof, publishes his finding in a solid journal, and gets invited as a keynote to talk about it at a prestige university.

Job seeker: ‘What does it take for me to score at the upcoming job interview?’

Me: ‘This’.

Result: Job seeker gets the job and sends me a surprise gift.

Mother of three: ‘How can I handle my teenage son?’

Me: ‘Like this.’

Result: Mother gives problem son a specific task and is free of grunts.

I’m good with distinction. Between clarity and conflict. But I use cards to get to the core of a problem.

I could use what some Harvard business professor devises as a model of efficiency for your company, or what a psychology professor prescribes as a cognitive path for your soul, but what interests me is how we move beyond mainstream, self-conscious models that quickly turn into reductive clichés.

Cards are good at demystifying cultural consecrations.

On My Teaching of Cards and Zen

I had a brilliant and enlightening Nonreading Live session with Camelia Elias today. I really do not know how this woman became so wise; of course, it is common knowledge that she is intelligent, a great tarot reader, magical, and educated. The wisdom she has is quite remarkable, as well as her ability to zero in on the exact advice and insight one needs in a New York minute! I strongly recommend the Nonreadings Sessions to my colleagues and even to others who are teachers. However, there is a waiting list for it probably because it is just that special. Camelia takes your heart to a place where your heart always knew it needed to go. Camelia helps your brain and your sight to see that. Thank you Camelia for all that you do.

VERONICA CHAMBERLAINE, on April 1 in the social media

I am amazed at how subtle this transformation has been. It has happened without any effort on my part. Perhaps just the sheer impact of your lessons combined with the cards has catapulted me to a state of satori.


If you’re a person who seeks pragmatic answers that come from within, you’re welcome to visit my booking page for a reading.


If you’re a person who seeks to terminate all forms of self-delusion, you’re welcome to visit my program Non Reading, drawing on a martial arts approach to difficult issues.


If you’re a company, desiring a special and totally interesting model of efficiency, via focus on mindset, sales, strategy and change, you’re welcome to contact me directly.


Camelia reads cards like the Devil.

ENRIQUE ENRIQUEZ, writer, artist, and Tarot reader

You are a BAD WITCH, and a great teacher.

JASON MILLER, writer and magician at Strategic Sorcery

Your Tarot readings? You will become a whole establishment.

PATRICK BLACKBURN, Professor of Formal Philosophy at Roskilde University

The Devil would be proud.

FEDERICO ANDINO, IBM manager and Tibetan Lama

I Teach Questions

How do I combine being a fortuneteller, a storyteller, and a former professor? Some ask.

In these seemingly antagonistic professions I work with questions. Real, nasty, honest, and mighty questions. Questions that are not informed by shame and fear.

I’m fascinated by people’s stories and the questions they are capable of asking. Having an answer to these questions, participating in people’s lives is very rewarding to me. And to them. We serve each other.

I Teach Power

Not the symbolic kind. The real kind. Real power will get you the symbolic power, if that’s what you want, but it will not stop there.

And you know why?

Because real power is about penetration. Penetration that leads to radical acceptance. I come to power from the position of nondual perception, something that hit me in 1984.

I Teach Courage and Boldness

‘Fortune favors the bold,’ the old adage has it. And why?

Because it takes boldness to see the truth and speak it.

It takes courage to say, no and I’m available. It takes courage to show up, and transmit your message unapologetically. It takes boldness to rise above ambivalence and lead.

camelia elias

Aradia Academy

With a pack of cards in my hands, I left the university and opened my own school. I surprise people.

You go, ‘no shit’, and feel the power running right through you, melting down your vulnerability.

The vulnerable story sells, but I want more. The vulnerable story is powerful, but it is not power itself.

I teach real power. That’s what I’m good at. I teach going beyond emotion and the intellect. Beyond language, the language of desire and fears.

Why beyond? Because that’s where clarity resides. Free of conditioning.

camelia elias

Books and Courses

I teach courses that explore human imagination through spiritual practice. Some explore the relation between cards and magic, or cards and Zen.

I wrote eight books and edited as many. Three of my books explore divination practices and the oracular poetics of storytelling with visual text.

Camelia is a cartomantic powerhouse, fantastic writer, teacher, and crafter of enchantments.

Aidan Watcher, Talismanic jeweller and writer

You read my subconscious, isn't that amazing?

Drapi Arora, USA

I had no idea cards could be read with such fiery freedom, or that magic and cards could intertwine so naturally – the way you see the threads gives me goose-bumps.

Megan Amoss, Traffic Manager and System Analyst

Our Teacher: All the students love her. How odd is that? Well, her voice is authentic, fresh and reeks of authority. She is engaging, creative, imaginative with an embracing laughter, used liberally. Camelia truly is a delightful woman and a fabulous reader of Tarot. Everything she touches is nothing short of revolutionary.

David Smith

Camelia's a true wizard. She will poke her fingers into your brain and reverse every single polarity you have. Do let her in with her cards and sigils. And take notice of what she says. You've just opened the door to a new and enchanted world.

Miguel Marques, PhD, Chemist

In the Public Eye

In Interviews


The interview that made many say, ‘simply amazing.’

I talk about cunning-folk approaches to magic, tarot and poetry, esotericism in the academia, and occult differences across cultural contexts: Anglo-American, Romanian, and Danish. I end the talk with an empowerment.


In Magazines


“Every time I read 7 Signs of Awesome Self-Delusions by Camelia Elias I feel rightfully, deliciously spanked. I wish I could make this required reading for every New Ager on the planet.”

– CAROLYN ELLIOTT, PhD, via WITCH Facebook Page


On My Teaching of Masterclasses

Your class is Illuminating. A fresh take on the cards that pulled out the stories inherent within. You are amazing. Your videos are wonderful and inspiring. You are also one of the coolest people ever.


Camelia teaches nothing short of Fearlessness; A completely fresh way of Seeing with the Marseille Tarot deck, and of journeying with cards into magic and spell casting. This was so much more than I could have anticipated; A most refreshing way to learn about both subjects. I simply don't want the journey to end! Cards and Magic was my first formal introduction to the TDM and Camelia's way of reading. I am still on a high from this class amid my happy new addiction to the Marseille.


Camelia transmits the wisdom of the old world through the channels of new media. Under her tutelage, my readings are now on point and in demand; with more clarity, less confusion. It has been a great fortune to study the Tarot under Camelia. Her natural grace and acerbic wit echoes an ancestral wisdom that translates seamlessly into digital media.


Everybody, including the Devil, could sit and learn from your class. Without exaggeration, Cards and Magic is by far the best course on the cards that I've seen in my life.

camelia elias

Students send me the most amazing gifts, often accompanied by small notes of appreciation.

You simply can’t ask for more. This one from Pipaluk Weinhold Andersen. See more.