“I’m not here to help. I’m here to answer questions. If what I say helps people, more power to them, but I don’t start out of a premise of presumptuousness.” – Interview with Justin Michael for Titans of Tarot

“My sense of clarity and justice developed more clearly in elementary school when I helped a Gypsy girl pass her tests, as she kept failing at everything. Some regarded her as retarded. I gained her devotion. Since she was older than the rest of the class, what with repeating the class, she was bigger than the rest of the children in the class. In our breaks I had a habit of observing bullying attitudes. When things would get rough, I’d send Corinna to beat up the mean, small boys. I told her never to disclose why she did it, or who sent her. She never did. This went on for a while.” – Interview with Gordon White for Rune Soup.

“Imagine reading the cards for 40 years, only to discover that you have no talent for it. Would you admit to it? I met many fortunetellers who had been reading cards for 40 years without a talent for it. Yet not one would admit it. What can we make of the aim in cartomancy to see things clearly and attitudes that delay a person’s manifestation for their own true justice?” – Interview with JoAnna Farrer for Coffee and Divination.

“As the obvious is the hardest to penetrate, we look at images for the experience of a direct dialogue with how we make sense of chance events. Reading cards is about paying attention to form. It’s all about form, about how the cards present us with imaginary solutions for the form we give the problem we present the fortuneteller with.” – Interview with Pablo Veloso for The Sword of Damocles.


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