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T H E  P O W E R F U L  S T O R Y

Welcome.  I’m Camelia. I serve people through teaching. I teach people to read. Verbal and visual texts. As a professor of literature, I teach the power of language. As a cartomancer, I teach the power of truth. As a writer, I teach the power of daring.

The webpages here reflect my non-academic life. If you’re interested in my academic work, follow the relevant link.

Here I look at stories in action. Rituals and magic. Reading cards to learn stuff they don’t teach in the so-called higher learning institution. Unless you happen to be my student at Roskilde University.

I use cards as a window to actions that are not informed by culture, consecration, validation, and approval. I use cards to tell stories of what you never think of, to create new myths, de-mythologize too, get to the core of ‘you’ as a construct, and then say it: Get real.

I  T E A C H  Q U E S T I O N S

How do I combine being a professor, a fortuneteller, and a storyteller, some ask.

In these seemingly antagonistic professions I work with questions. Real, nasty, honest, and mighty questions. Questions that are not informed by shame and fear.

I’m fascinated by people’s stories and the questions they are capable of asking. Having an answer to these questions, participating in people’s lives is very rewarding to me. And to them. We serve each other.

I  T E A C H  P O W E R

Not the symbolic kind. The real kind. Real power will get you the symbolic power, if that’s what you want, but it will not stop there. And you know why? Because real power is about penetration. Penetration that leads to radical acceptance. I come to power from the position of nondual perception, something that hit me in 1984.

I  T E A C H  C O U R A G E  A N D  B O L D N E S S

Fortune favors the bold, the old adage has it. And why? Because it takes boldness to see the truth and speak it.

It takes courage to say, no and I’m available. It takes courage to show up, and transmit your message unapologetically. It takes boldness to rise above ambivalence and lead.

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D O  Y O U  S E E  W H A T  I  S E E ?

With a pack of cards in my hands, I surprise you.

You go, ‘no shit’, and feel the power running right through you, melting down your vulnerability.

The vulnerable story sells, but I want more. The vulnerable story is powerful, but it is not power itself.

I teach real power. That’s what I’m good at. I teach going beyond emotion and the intellect. Beyond language, the language of desire and fears. Why beyond? Because that’s where clarity resides. Free of conditioning.

W H A T  D O  I  H E L P  W I T H ?

How about distinction? Between clarity and conflict.

How about a ritual? To knock your socks off, your patterns off?

Consult with me, and get a reading or a nonreading, or follow my courses.

Be curious.



Your tarot readings? You will become an establishment.

Patrick Rowan Blackburn, Professor of Formal Philosophy, Roskilde University

Tarot is great! Camelia made me discover it and I use it like a kind of psychoanalytic session. It’s incredible what it does to people, using the cards and old symbols to make unconscious things conscious.

Solange Leibovici, Professor Emerita, University of Amsterdam

You are a great teacher. When you read, it makes sooo much sense to me. It’s so clear and obvious. I JUST LOVE the way you snap it together. You bring it down to its base message.

Mary Martha Collins, Visual Artist, USA

You are a BAD WITCH, and a great teacher.

Jason Miller, Sorcerer at Inominandum

B O O K S  A N D  C O U R S E S

I teach courses that explore human imagination. 
The ones online explore the relation between cards and magic.

I wrote seven books and edited as many. 
Two of my books explore divination practices 
and the poetics of storytelling with visual text.


Camelia is a cartomantic powerhouse, fantastic writer, teacher, and crafter of enchantments.

Aidan Watcher, Talismanic jeweller and writer

You read my subconscious, isn't that amazing?

Drapi Arora, USA

I had no idea cards could be read with such fiery freedom, or that magic and cards could intertwine so naturally – the way you see the threads gives me goose-bumps.

Megan Amoss, Traffic Manager and System Analyst

Our Teacher: All the students love her. How odd is that? Well, her voice is authentic, fresh and reeks of authority. She is engaging, creative, imaginative with an embracing laughter, used liberally. Camelia truly is a delightful woman and a fabulous reader of Tarot.

David Smith

Camelia's a true wizard. She will poke her fingers into your brain and reverse every single polarity you have. Do let her in with her cards and sigils. And take notice of what she says. You've just opened the door to a new and enchanted world.

Miguel Marques, PhD, Chemist


“Every time I read 7 Signs of Awesome Self-Delusions by Camelia Elias

I feel rightfully, deliciously spanked.

I wish I could make this required reading for every New Ager on the planet.”




  • You have an idea. Is it anchored? How do you know this idea you got is a good one?
  • If it’s a good idea, what can it do for you?
  • Does it reflect your passion, or someone else’s desire?
  • Does it manifest your fear, or an attempt to cover it up?
camelia elias | art of reading


  • They give me ideas. Great ideas. What can I see?
  • I use the cards to get things moving. To develop skills. The skill of asking the right questions, the skill of knowing and of having.
  • Cards and skills. Now there’s an idea. Isn’t it wonderful?
camelia elias | art of reading


  • Clarity of mind discloses clarity of purpose. Clarity of purpose discloses clarity of passion and distinction.
  • I value the question that brings you closer to achieving clarity, and through clarity excellence.
  • If you can make clear distinctions, you can make the right decisions.