Welcome to my world of Cards and Zen, delivered from Denmark with a Transylvanian touch.

I work with questions and the contemplative arts.

I love questions that cannot be ignored, sacred and mundane.

I’m interested in language and its oracular power as expressed through words and visual imagery. Oracles give us access to the present, which most people don’t live. Oracles give us access to spontaneous knowledge.

Cards are like a Zen master’s stick. They whack you over your head, pointing to what attitude is seated in you. Maybe you want to change that.


I was born in Arad, Romania, in 1968. I came to Denmark in 1990, and since then I have embarked on a reading career.

I consider myself a reader. I read for a living. Until recently I’ve been a professor of literature at Roskilde University. After I quit the academia because I got tired of dullness and lies, I expanded my cartomantic business. Here’s a short version of me in poetic form: I’m Available.

In the academic world my credentials are two doctorates, and tenured professorship for 10 years out of the total of 20 with three Danish universities.

In the cartomantic world my credentials are the ability to prompt exclamations mark: ‘This reading has changed my life!’


There’s nothing like reading. There’s nothing like reading yourself, another person, your place in the world, and your path.

Reading is mirroring and through mirroring we learn. Reading teaches us how to tell good stories.

I read everything that allows me to derail my sense of cultural reality, a sense which is too often contaminated by dictations.

I apply martial arts principles to my reading techniques, inspired by fencing, Japanese swordsmanship, and calligraphy.

I like to know where my place is. I find that knowing my place is the most crucial knowledge to gain, and the highest of the arts.