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Tale of Genji: Lady Murasaki Riding

This image by 17th c. Tosa Mitsuoki featuring the 11th c. writer of the Tale of Genji, Murasaki Shikibu, ‘appeared’ out of the blue in my suimonga creation above.

Dead Zen masters

I create talismanic art, cards, sigils, and darkroom silver gelatin prints. The style is calligraphic and photographic.

The source of inspiration is dead Zen masters, though, on occasion, I bow to contemporary Zen artists.

For instance, when Yamamoto Masao appeared in my dream and gave me instructions, it led to the creation of the exclusive Tarot Interdit.

Arcades Tarot followed right after it, exploring the idea of visual haikus in and out of perspective, and since I keep dreaming, Red Tarot was created as a result of an encounter with the Man in Black.

The first deck I ever made was a Lenormand Oracle, now also in a second edition print, A Helium Poet Lenormand, followed immediately by a Tarot de Marseille variant, The Oracle of the Fables. My own invented style of creating art decks, ‘one cut, one blood,’ also led to collaborative projects. Arc Tarot is one such.

For calligraphy, the medium I use is ink in the Chinese and Japanese tradition. I experiment with traditional marbling, or ‘suminangashi,’ but prefer the variant called ‘suimonga’ the invention of rocket scientist Kuroda Takaji.

For photography, I’m interested in mixed media, digital meets film. After 40 years of a break, I’ve returned to the darkroom. Currently I’m putting together a series of silver gelatin prints under the title The Danish Testament, in honor of collector K. Frank Jensen, whose Leica M2 from 1963 I’ve inherited.

Once upon a time I did oil paintings on canvas that now hang in the houses of other art collectors. I still continue with oil, but my preference is now for oil on Japanese paper using the monoprint technique, that is to say, transferring oil on paper via cutouts. The Star from the Red Tarot here is an example of that.

Some of my art has decidedly magical applications as well, often in the forms of sigils.

Visit the Read like the Devil shop if you want to learn more on how to acquire some interesting expressions of what we call talismanic art.

Enjoy a few sample images below.

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