Tale of Genji

This image by 17th c. Tosa Mitsuoki featuring the 11th c. writer of the Tale of Genji, ‘appeared’ out of the blue in my suimonga creation above.

Dead Zen masters

My art is inspired by dead people, or rather I should say that it’s inspired by dead masters.

Ever since I’ve discovered Zen many years ago, I found myself in moments of conjuring the dead masters. My aim was simple, to tap into their wisdom and knowledge through art.

In my creations I’m not interested in just hitting a nerve. I’m interested in hitting the nerve that’s open to deconstructions, particularly those of the self.

Due to my interest in divination, I draw a lot on necromancy and bibliomancy. As they say, ‘a dead man always speaks the truth’.

The medium I use is ink in the Chinese and Japanese tradition. I experiment with traditional marbling, or ‘suminangashi,’ but prefer the variant called ‘suimonga’ the invention of rocket scientist Kuroda Takaji.

What I also do is create ink works, and then shoot pictures of them in interesting light.

Once upon a time I did oil paintings that now hang in the houses of art collectors, but these days I keep it simple.

Some of my current art has magical applications as well, often in the forms of sigils.

Contact me if you wish to commission any of these art forms, ink, calligraphy, prints, sigils.

Enjoy a few sample images below.